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fluorescent weed grow

Fluorescent weed grow

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a favorite with growers because they last long, are super energy efficient, and emit very little heat. Still, they are powerful enough to produce high yields at the end.

Growers recommend using this light in spaces that measure 3’x3’ or more. The reflector itself is 19” x 19” x 5”.

CFL vs. T5 Tube Fluorescent Bulbs

Establishing the space where you will grow your plants is crucial. Many strains can thrive outdoors, but most cultivators opt for indoor set-ups where they can control the temperature and light thoroughly. Since marijuana strains can be picky and sometimes require different conditions at different growth stages, indoor growing can provide you with the highest yield – if you do it right.

3. EnviroGro FLT24 2-ft T5 Bulbs

If you’re looking for T5 bulbs, then this option is fantastic. The EnviroGro FLT24 T5 lights are a little more expensive, but we think they’re worth it.

Fluorescent weed grow

That depends on a few things.

Fluorescent Growing Lights: CFL or T5 Tubes?

While you can use any type of tube or bulb and see results, you want to provide the kind of light your plants want most.

What Fluorescent Bulbs For Growing Flowering Plants (Marijuana, Tomatoes, Etc)?

By using bulbs with varying color temperatures.