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Flav Cbd Cartridge | Global Clubfoot Initiative what is the use of it Does Cbd Affect Memory, 2022-08-28 Provide The Best flav cbd cartridge Medicinal Benefits Of Cbd. flav cbd cartridge Flav CBD doesn’t hold back when it comes to flavor for these vape cartridges. But there are inconsistencies with Flav that has us doubting this product. Get details and read the latest customer reviews about CBD Vanilla Cartridge 1g by Flav on Leafly.

Flav Cbd Cartridge | Global Clubfoot Initiative

what is the use of it Does Cbd Affect Memory, 2022-08-28 Provide The Best flav cbd cartridge Medicinal Benefits Of Cbd.

flav cbd cartridge

Even How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it if they bite the bullet, for the foundation of the group, they can only choose to support Wang Qinglei.

Therefore, Wang Tianzong s compromise was almost certain to him.

Li flav cbd cartridge Tianlan flav cbd cartridge stood quietly in a On the top of a tree, bathed in sunlight, carrying branches.

But this Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge kind of pre war deployment is really not as good flav cbd cartridge as Ye Fan.

You don t like her Gu Qianchuan asked nonsense.

Even the left and right parts are not enough. Dongsheng snorted, How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it and suddenly said, I ve read the list, and I haven t found flav cbd cartridge anything new.

This guy is really perverted, why are all the values full Ye Fan s whole How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it person is not well now, flav cbd cartridge because flav cbd cartridge according to his own analysis, Chi You s attack power and defense power are both top notch.

Di Jiang said what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews with a smile. At that time, two teams, one bright and one dark, were sent to the four major borders.

I had already found out the location of the time space gate, and was about to leave, but I thought that when I woke up, you would be tied to this place Han Ling Hualuo struggled a little bit angrily, and then looked at it with a How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it bit of resentment.

Qinglong was about to walk over pure natural cbd hemp oil herbal drops to ask what was going on, when Ye Fan raised his head Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge and looked at him sadly.

He really didn t know whether to be thankful or speechless about cbd vape oil show up on drug test reddit vape this, maybe he could really find some big opportunities with this old gentleman at that time.

If you don t want to name of company in canada that has created cbd oil to put in drinks give your face, I promise you will regret it then.

The middle aged man looked at the figure on the screen, bowed respectfully, and said softly.

I have nothing to worry about. He said, Come on, so I can go to serve Master early.

Sir Xiang Liu said that. The old man smiled and looked at Xiang Liu.

But because they have too few pieces, each piece flav cbd cartridge must have a more distinct flav cbd cartridge role.

The prestige of Tianshengzong. The Taoist Sun smiled and brushed his beard, and the whole person was smiling.

Besides, it s just a rain of cbd gummies blog fire, flav cbd cartridge where is it worth Lord Aqun s How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it action Xiang Liu immediately reprimanded.

Wu Zhengmin hopes to make full use flav cbd cartridge Cbd Lotions of the few days cbd oil harmful of time difference and create a situation that is beneficial to Li.

It is different from the Holy Land Xingxiongtai in Dibing Mountain.

The dazzling light gradually softened and became cold.

Light and tender. Qin Weibai, who knew some of the past, felt a flav cbd cartridge sour heart.

After a period of time, the exciting Zongmen Grand Competition finally arrived.

not much time. The preparations for the Snow Dance Corps have reached the final stage.

We did give them a heavy blow this time, and it can did tom hanks talk aabout cbd oil in a cnn interview be regarded flav cbd cartridge as holding the border of Qinglong.

The most seriously injured Wang Shengxiao s breath dropped to the bottom of the valley at the moment what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews when the sword intent what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews erupted, and his eyes became gloomy.

I agree with Commander Wang Qianzhong how to make pure cbd oil s opinion.

But with the person next to the pillow in the same bed and different dreams, the respect is like ice so far away.

Gu Hanshan trembled all over. His trembling was very obvious, like a convulsion.

Shut up, do you think you have lived too long Even an injured iron eating beast is far from Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge what flav cbd cartridge we can deal with.

Why is your life so hard Anyway, the iron eating beast happens to How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it be in my hands.

I am afraid that only Lord Xiangliu knows this.

Xuan cannabidiol reviews cbd oil green bottle Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge Xuanzi walked very slowly, but his what is the use of it footsteps were very firm.

Sun Simiao Sun flav cbd cartridge Simiao s distressed voice came from the sound transmission stone.

I know the flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca current situation. If you play a good deck of cards well, you may not be able flav cbd cartridge to win.

I didn t expect it either. Qin Weibai s eyes were filled with thoughtful brilliance But it s flav cbd cartridge flav cbd cartridge okay, Just in case, it s just right to use it Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge here.

The aptitude in Jueyan Tianzong does not have a sufficiently terrifying background.

The saint broke off how do you pick a quality cbd oil the alloy armor on his body.

But it is no longer her world. Why nostalgia Qin Weibai pursed flav cbd cartridge her red ibuprofen 500mg high lips tightly, glanced at the How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it villa in front of flav cbd cartridge her flav cbd cartridge again, and simply turned around.

Check Qin Weibai. There s flav cbd cartridge something wrong with this person.

But this mysterious old gentleman in front flav cbd cartridge .

organic relief cbd oil

of him can flav cbd cartridge recover his damage in a short period Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge of time.

I don t believe that Wuzhiqi was the only one in the Guangming Pavilion who was instigated by the evil faction.

Dongcheng Wudi said calmly, We chose the Li family, because the Li family is the best choice flav cbd cartridge and the only choice.

In this conference room with a clear stand but a whole, people cbd gummies holistic greens clearly saw anger and gloom on Gu Xingyun s face.

His eyes were pitch black, with an indescribable silence and How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it darkness.

So some very important things are determined in .

What cbd hemp oil mean?

just a few words.

Forget it. Now these have nothing to do with us, and everything will change.

In the Pope s mind, it is also a heresy, but there is very little information.

Rekvia, I will make up for your loss. Rekway Ya is not Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge a flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca name.

South American Jiang The temple I will notify the diplomatic side to issue a statement later.

I didn t expect that Ye Fan s flav cbd cartridge strength would be able to make such a breakthrough.

Chi flav cbd cartridge You frowned. This Qinglong border is the flav cbd cartridge closest border How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it to Guangming Pavilion.

The old people Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge at both ends of the board are how you feel when your high playing flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca more and more slowly, the number of pieces on the board is gradually decreasing, and the large blank area reveals only solemnity.

Except for Li Baitian, who was still in a Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge wheelchair, Li Tianlan was lifted up by everyone.

You must know that the sound wave is a large flav cbd cartridge scale attack, and those disciples are all flav cbd cartridge miserable this time.

There is also a flav cbd cartridge reason why Ye Fan and Qinglong asked to go directly to the evil faction s camp to kill.

Nan Yu Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge flav cbd cartridge looked at Ye Fan worriedly. Although I know re leaved 100 pure hemp beaded cbd oil review that Ye Fan s strength has reached the point of perfection now, this is a game after all.

Xiang How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it Liu s injury oral hemp oil was suffered in pure cbd jointround gummies the war a thousand years flav cbd cartridge ago.

After Di Jiang flav cbd cartridge finished speaking, .

cbd oil dothan al

he ran out in a hurry, and now he is also in a hurry, and he can only feel a little more at ease if he goes in person.

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I also know what you and Wuwei did. Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge Thank you.

what strength cbd oil

wasn t that she didn t know what she was doing, but she didn t know how to say it.

If there is no accident, for a long time, the entire border of the Illuminati should appear relatively stable.

If the chaos in Eastern Europe gets what would help more with anxiety cbd oil or hemp oil out of control, the northern part of our country, not cbd oil 550 mg crystal isolates for pain only the Beihai province, but also the northeast, will suffer a flav cbd cartridge serious impact.

Ye Fan also smiled knowingly when he saw this scene, this woman is the woman he loves the most in his life.

At this time, the old gentleman Zhou Wenbin took out the sound transmission lock in his room.

The location of the villa How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge flav cbd cartridge is excellent, but because of the age, it is actually a little old, but it seems to be contaminated with too much Li Tianlan s breath, so every brick and tile is impeccable.

Secretary 240 mg nuleaf cbd oil price Ji Ankang of Yongcheng. can you use cbd oil if you have low platelets .

Where to buy cbd oil in kingston ontario?

Li Tianlan said with a smile, in the can cbd cause cancer document he studied, the what hapens if you vape oral cbd oil deputy secretary of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, flav cbd cartridge Ji Ankang of Yongcheng can be said to be the top priority, so Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge he can understand Li Tong s eyes envy.

If you have anything to say, I will say it directly.

What happened Isn t the war already .

can i bring cbd oil into canada

what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews over Haven t they returned from the Qinglong border, nuleaf cbd gummies is there anything that needs to be dealt with after the war Nan Yu looked at everyone expectantly, and those people opened their mouths , wants to speak, but seems to have nothing to say.

Qin Weibai stretched out his hand. Her fingers are slender and slender, as beautiful as jade, and seems to be shining with jade light.

Now Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge Li Tianlan s everything may still be weaker than Beihai Wang s and Kunlun City.

The patriarch of Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge the Lin clan can mobilize more than Xuanyuanjian troops.

Said For example, I can keep a shadow for you, ah, look at me, I forgot, flav cbd cartridge Your Highness, you don t have a surname.

The invisible and intangible sword intent bound everything around him, and Li Tianlan didn t dare to bend flav cbd cartridge too much.

The corner of Xia Zhi s mouth moved, and a mouthful of blood could no longer hold back, and he spit it can cbd gummies affect your heart out directly, staining the eaves of the Emperor flav cbd cartridge s Palace red.

I have nothing to do. She took a step flav cbd cartridge to the side How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it and pointed to the guard who came in with her He is looking for you.

Some people shouted the name of the Lord, but chose a different direction from the Lord.

Dongcheng is so. Angel blinked and glanced at the lifelike Pope sitting on the chair.

For a time, in the warehouse, teaching building, flat ground, woods, and different corners, it seemed flav cbd cartridge that different people were drawing swords.

This is cbd and alcoholism a unique skill that belongs to their family.

The real flav cbd cartridge enemy. But Lin Mu didn t take it seriously in the face of Shen Wuming s worry.

This girl is always so kind. According to what she said, after we left, an old gentleman to use solo vapor e cig work with cbd oil told her about the time and space gate, and she had no memory of what she did during this buy wyld gummies online time under the control of the puppet charm.

Li Honghe stood at the front of the cemetery and moved forward.

Before Di Jiang finished speaking, Qinglong said Take the call.

Zhu Jiuyin was a little stunned at first, but now that where can i buy pure cbd oil he saw Di Jiang s enthusiasm flav cbd cartridge for him, he became even more stunned flav cbd cartridge in an instant.

Time to freeze to death Your Majesty, there are more than 500 wounds, all of which are sword wounds.

Countless corpses were torn apart. It cracked into blood and flew out.

After flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca the two fell asleep, a tapir quietly entered Wuzhiqi s room through the window, and flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca after flav cbd cartridge a while, quickly left.

There is an absolute right to speak in this war.

It echoed continuously. Zink s words disappeared in what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews Jiang Qiannian charles stanley and cbd gummies s ears in an instant.

you, you agreed to fight alone, but you are not worth talking about, you are actually called a helper You don t talk about martial arts Vulcan Sword does not have such a thing as martial arts, he is not even a person now, where is it Will you count these Several Vulcan swords fluttered around Xingtian.

Wu left, the situation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will not be so bad.

The flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca fat policeman stood flav cbd cartridge Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca beside Jiang Millennium with a serious face, chattering and questioning.

vague. Master Ye Fan, please Self Respect Ye Fan laughed when he looked at him.

Okay, when do you How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it leave Ye Fan nodded. He can just flav cbd cartridge follow Di Jiang s arrangement now.

He did not know when the Li family was destroyed.

Is it a good thing for you best way to make cbd oil Li Tianlan raised his head.

Raising his hand and looking, the upside down sword shadows difference between cbd hemp oil and cbd oil are densely packed and sprinkled how much cbd oil should an eight year old take for anxiety all over the sky.

He de other side was holding a branch. His eyes were not crazy, only tranquil.

You and I are separated by a world after all. I can t give you epsom salt with cbd oil absolute help.

Where did you meet Hanling Hualuo flav cbd cartridge Ye Fan flav cbd cartridge flav cbd cartridge then asked.

How s it going You guys, willing to admit defeat Ye Fan smiled and looked at the panting monks in flav cbd cartridge front of him.

My lord, my opinion is that we should launch an flav cbd cartridge attack tonight.

His eyes flickered with flames, which eventually turned into wildfires that burned everything.

This first Ye Fan is also a matter of course. At this what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews time, Zhang Yiming Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge collapsed in the audience, feeling that the whole person was extremely sad and angry, but there was hemp extract oil vs cbd Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge nothing he could do.

Hearing Di Jiang s words, flav cbd cartridge two blushes appeared on Xie Zhi s face, and he nodded lightly.

Di Jiang looked at Ye Fan and raised his eyebrows.

But this did not mean that the Snow flav cbd cartridge Dance Corps really disappeared.

Her eyes were a little distracted, Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge and her attention was obviously not focused on the sanctuary.

The clubhouse information that best cbd oil for memory can be accessed as a shareholder is truly Reddit Best Cbd Oil flav cbd cartridge invaluable.

Xiang Liu shrugged. Since you said so, what what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews else can I say Ye Fan looked at him and extended his hand flav cbd cartridge to him.

His tone was flat and did not fluctuate at all.

Incredible. Because the gap between them is simply too great.

How could they be invited here by Di new life hemp oil Jiang at the same time today, Cbd Joint flav cbd cartridge which is simply incredible.

Di Jiang looked into Ye Fan s eyes, as if he had nothing flav cbd cartridge to discuss.

This is undoubtedly the result of the secret support of the giant group and Li Honghe.

A black spot appeared in Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge the sky. The black spot expanded in an instant, turning into a huge vortex with a diameter of several hundred meters in an instant.

Li Tianlan leads the Samsara Palace, I am afraid that Beihai Wang Clan and Kunlun City will oppose it regardless.

It s full of evildoers I really don Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge t know where this guy came from.

The elites of various war zones, legions, and special forces are also within the scope of Li Tianlan s choice.

This will be a great help for him. Thank you, Sect Master Go Then Daoist Sun waved his does kratom contain thc hand gently, and saw four cranes flying out of the four corners of the Tianshengzong, hovering over the entire competition platform.

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Li Tianlan what is the use of it Liv Labs Cbd Oil Reviews smiled, turned flav cbd cartridge and walked .

royal cbd oil study

out cbd delta 8 gummies for sale of the ward The conference room of Sky Academy is Global Clubfoot Initiative flav cbd cartridge very large, with cbd and alcohol interaction a pale white environment, simple and spacious.

Heresy must be listed on the list of heretics. The heretics on the register must be purified flav cbd cartridge The Pope was quietly flipping through the register, the lights in the room fell on him, and his figure was mysterious and majestic.

In addition, I will .

hemp seed oil vs cbd

select some people from Sigh City to flav cbd cartridge join the Snow Dance Army.

My dear flav cbd cartridge grandson, why are you so slow It s not as manufacturing process cbd gummies good as me, flav cbd cartridge an old man.

Ye Dongsheng smiled and said softly. Li Tianlan glanced at him and nodded, Thank you.

You can play it, you can play it, you can play it.

Because the people of the Lin How To Make Cbd Oil what is the use of it family would not attack the Beihai Wang Clan, at least not at the Beihai Wang Clan s headquarters.

The moment the 40,000 army stood at attention, a hoarse roar suddenly sounded because it was so violent that it hurt the throat, and the sound shook the sky.

Li Xi stood quietly, with her long hair flying and flav cbd cartridge her white dress fluttering.

A correct investment can often make their family more prosperous after many years.

You have something to ask for this seat Xiang Liu looked at Ye flav cbd cartridge Fan and said affirmatively.

Although it s not very harmful, it s very insulting.

Ye Fan said with a smile. Qinglong was shocked at that time.

Before a complete communication network was established, their team advantage was not great, and flav cbd cartridge even It can be said that they are fighting each other.

The Pope stared deeply at this sentence, his eyes were flav cbd cartridge pure and what is the use of it pious.

Flav CBD Cartridges

Flav’s CBD Cartridges are available in 13 flavors and two different sizes. However, Flav doesn’t explicitly state the CBD concentration of these cartridges. The company sells a 0.5 g cartridge and a 1 g cartridge, which is the net weight of the contents. Flav also claims that the cartridges contain “ultra-refined organic cannabidiol hemp oil.”

The possible lack of active ingredients explains why Flav’s CBD Cartridges are so cheap. Don’t be fooled by the attractive prices on this product!

Price/Value 1/5

The first thing that caught our eye about Flav’s CBD Cartridges was the price. We wondered if it was even feasible for a company to manufacture a 1000 mg CBD vape cartridge for less than $40.

When we inspected the product a little further, we discovered that the advertising utterly misleads people into thinking the cartridge contains 1000 mg. It just contains “1 g of ultra-refined cannabidiol hemp oil.” There’s no actual indication of the CBD concentration.

CBD Potency 1/5

CBD concentration is never advertised for the product. The product packaging and description state the net weight, which is either 0.5 g or 1 g.

Hemp Source 1/5

Flav never mentions the hemp source. The company doesn’t provide a CoA or supporting organic certification either.

Purpose/Uses 2/5

Flav offers “calming” cartridges and “uplifting” cartridges. This is a specific, directed use. However, ambiguity in advertising means we aren’t sure whether the product contains a crude CBD extract or whether it’s dissolved in a carrier oil. If it’s suspended in a carrier oil, it isn’t recommended for vaping.

Product Variations 4/5

Flav offers a whopping 13 different flavors for its CBD cartridges. Each one is available in two sizes, bringing all the variations to a total of 26 different CBD cartridges.

Formula 1/5

Vape juice should always be advertised with ingredients as well as the CBD concentration. Flav doesn’t offer either of these vital pieces of information.

What has the CBD been dissolved in? Propylene glycol? Vegetable glycerin? What’s the ratio?

Plus, the only ingredient that’s mentioned is the “broad-spectrum hemp oil.” Flav hasn’t made it clear if the CBD extract is dissolved in a carrier oil such as MCT oil or whether it is the crude CBD extract. If it is the crude CBD extract, it is safe to vaporize. However, if it is carried in MCT oil or olive oil, it is not recommended for vaporizing.

Product Variants

Flav CBD Cartridges
0.5 g

1.67 / 5

Total CBD : Unknown
Potency : N/A
Cost per mg CBD : N/A
Extract Type : Broad-spectrum
Flav CBD Cartridges
1 g

1.67 / 5

Total CBD : Unknown
Potency : N/A
Cost per mg CBD : N/A
Extract Type : Broad-spectrum
Table of Contents

Flav CBD Cartridges Review

Article By

If loading up your vaporizer with e-juice wasn’t already easy enough, the CBD industry has made it even easier with pre-loaded CBD cartridges. Thread the cartridge onto the top of your vape pen, and it’s good to go!

Flav’s CBD Cartridges are fitted for 510 threaded batteries. They come in two sizes — 0.5 g and 1 g. The range has 13 flavors, each of which is available in both sizes.

Flav infuses its vape cartridges with a different combination of cannabis-derived terpenes that offer their own set of therapeutic effects. Using terpenes, Flav has created two “mood profiles” — uplifting and calming. For example, the Blueberry CBD cartridge has calming effects while the Banana CBD Cartridge has uplifting effects.

Overall, Flav’s CBD vape cartridges are among the cheapest on the planet. How is this possible?

Flav’s advertising for this product is extremely misleading. The vape cartridge is advertised to contain 0.5 g or 1 g broad-spectrum [1] hemp oil, without any indication of the actual CBD content.

Many are lead to believe the 1 g label to mean the cartridge contains 1000 mg of CBD, but at a price of $39.99, we think it’s impossible that the cartridge has such a high CBD concentration.

Overview: CBD Cartridges

Don’t let Flav’s low cartridge prices fool you into purchasing this product.

The flavor range is terrific, as are the prices (as cheap as $29.99 for “0.5 g”). But there’s almost nothing trustworthy about Flav’s CBD Cartridges.

The cartridges are available in 13 flavors and at two concentrations. The cartridges are also infused with cannabis-derived terpenes to create two different mood profiles — calming and uplifting.

However, Flav’s advertising is so ambiguous it’s downright misleading.

Let’s have a look at the Blueberry CBD 0.5 g Calming cartridge. It’s advertised to contain 0.5 g of “ultra-refined cannabidiol hemp oil.”

When a customer first reads that, the obvious interpretation is that the cartridge contains 500 mg of CBD. But that’s not actually what it says, and for $29.99, is it even possible that the cartridge contains 500 mg of CBD?

On the contrary, we think that the liquid itself weighs 0.5 g. The net weight is also written on the packaging as “0.5 g”.

Something doesn’t add up with Flav’s CBD cartridges.

Flav doesn’t necessarily lie about the CBD concentration because it doesn’t advertise a CBD concentration. On the other hand, the language used in its advertising is so misleading that a customer is led to believe that the net weight is the CBD concentration.

In short, Flav seems to have mastered the kind of language that could throw-off even experienced CBD shoppers. This is untrustworthy, misleading, and indicative of the fact that the company is probably lying about a lot of things.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • 13 different flavors available
  • Misleading marketing and advertising
  • No CoA provided for CBD or hemp source
  • No indication of the actual CBD concentration

Key Features & Benefits

1. Fast-Acting CBD Effects

If you’re looking for immediate effects from your CBD, vaping is your fastest bet. Inhaling CBD bypasses the first-pass metabolism — where much of the active compounds are broken down by your liver and gut before it enters the bloodstream.

Instead, the active compounds in the hemp extract make its way via the lungs to enter the bloodstream. Its effects can be felt within minutes — however, it doesn’t last as long as ingestion methods.

2. Convenient Vape Refills

There’s no need to fuss with measuring out your vape juices, thread this cartridge on your device and start vaping.

Flav’s vape cartridges are designed for 510 thread batteries — which happens to be the vape industry standard for most reusable vape pens. This means this cartridge collection is compatible for a wide variety of vape models.

About The Company: Flav

There’s more to be concerned about with respect to Flav than its CBD vape cartridges. The company doesn’t give any backstory or any information about who owns or operates it.

Flav also claims to use “100% organic, lab-tested cannabis” — but with a product range as extensive as Flav’s, it’s challenging to maintain such high standards over that many products. Plus, this product would be significantly more expensive if the claims were true.

Flav doesn’t provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or any reference to the hemp source. The company doesn’t provide any certification for its organic claims either.

Flav’s marketing lines reek of deception, and it’s alarming. We say this because Flav is selling a therapeutic compound that many Americans rely on. It’s understandable for companies to manipulate their marketing to attract more buyers, but it seems that Flav is misleading to a whole new degree.

Finally, because the company doesn’t provide any documentation to support its sensational claims, it seems all the more untrustworthy.

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Who Should Consider Using CBD Cartridges?

While vaped CBD has short-lived effects, it is the fastest acting of all CBD consumption methods.

When CBD enters the human body via the lungs, it’s effective immediately. Meanwhile, edible CBD can take up to two hours to exert its effects.

Because of its rapid onset, vaping CBD is generally preferred by those who need immediate relief, even if it doesn’t last long. Examples include acute anxiety, acute pain, and acute emesis (vomiting).

However, there are other things to consider about Flav’s CBD cartridges. The product is advertised as containing 0.5 g or 1 g of “broad-spectrum CBD oil.”

Flav’s language causes confusion here (yet again).

If Flav CBD had formulated broad-spectrum crystals dissolved in a lipid (MCT oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil), we don’t recommend you inhale it, as lipid oil vapor can have repercussions on lung health.

However, if this cartridge contains an unrefined broad-spectrum CBD extract in the form of a concentrate — sometimes called an oil for its thick, viscous consistency — it would be much more expensive than it’s currently valued at.

The problem is we don’t know what’s in this product, and that’s something to be concerned about.

Inhaling lipid vapor is not recommended because it can lead to a condition known as lipoid pneumonia. To be clear, concentrated CBD oil can be vaporized in a pen or dab rig and is generally considered safe to inhale.

Most CBD oils on the market refer to CBD crystals dissolved in a lipid-based carrier oil such as MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil.

Typically, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are used to manufacture e-juices. These substances do not contain the fatty acids present in the oil, which, when vaporized, can cause severe damage to the lungs.

There is some leeway when it comes to edible or drinkable CBD products. The human stomach and GI tract is built with defense mechanisms to expel toxins or foreign materials from food or beverages.

The human lungs are not built with the same defense mechanisms.

The lungs are extremely susceptible to infections, viruses, and damage to the tiny bronchioles. Inhalation products necessitate quality and cleanliness. Otherwise, a person can cause severe damage to their lungs. Flav doesn’t warrant this much trust from customers.


It’s difficult to break down the price and value of Flav’s CBD Cartridges because the CBD concentration is not advertised anywhere on the product description or the packaging.

It is advertised as containing 0.5 g or 1 g. Because the net weight of the product is either 0.5 g or 1 g, we think it is impossible that this is the total CBD concentration. If it were, the cartridge would contain pure CBD powder and nothing else (not even PG or VG, the most common bases for vape juice).

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s unfeasible for Flav to sell a 1000 mg CBD cartridge for $39.99. It’s not this cheap anywhere on the CBD market. This is another reason we don’t believe that the weights are indicative of CBD concentration.

Cost Breakdown of Flav CBD Cartridges
Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Flav CBD Cartridge — 0.5 g $29.99 Unknown N/A
Flav CBD Cartridge — 1 g $39.99 Unknown N/A

CBD Potency

Again, Flav’s misleading marketing makes it impossible to assess the CBD potency of the product. We are certain the 0.5 g cartridge does not contain 500 mg of CBD, and we are sure the 1 g cartridge does not include 1000 mg of CBD.

No other indications are given for CBD concentration, and we, therefore, cannot comment on the CBD potency.

Potency Breakdown of Flav CBD Cartridges
Product Image Product Name Total CBD Content CBD Concentration(mg/mL) Potency Level
Flav CBD Cartridge — 0.5 g Unknown N/A N/A
Flav CBD Cartridge — 1 g Unknown N/A N/A

Hemp Source

Flav does not mention the hemp source for its CBD. Flav also neglects to provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or any documentation supporting its claims for being organic.

We virtually don’t know anything about where Flav sources its primary ingredient, CBD.

We have contacted Flav countless times asking for a CoA, a hemp source, a detailed list of ingredients, and finally to confirm what the actual CBD concentration of the vape cartridge is. The customer service team never replied to our emails.

If Flav provided information about the hemp source or at least a CoA, there would be a reason to trust this company. As it stands, Flav gives customers virtually no reason to believe it.

Instead, the company seems to be targeting those who are more vulnerable to buzz words such as “organic,” “lab-tested,” “broad-spectrum,” and “CO2 extracted”. But these same susceptible individuals don’t necessarily know how to differentiate between a genuinely well-manufactured product and one that isn’t.


Most people choose to vape CBD because, out of all the consumption methods, this one exerts its effects the fastest.

Flav also has two distinct mood profiles for its CBD vape cartridges — uplifting and calming. Customers can select what they would like from their CBD experience — for its energizing effects or relaxation.

However, we don’t necessarily recommend using Flav’s CBD vape cartridges either for relaxation or energization for reasons outlined earlier in this product review.


Flav states that its cartridges contain “ultra-refined organic cannabidiol hemp oil” or “broad-spectrum hemp oil” that has been “CO2 extracted”. The product description reads like a list of keywords ranking in Google without any flair.

The problem is that if the cartridge contains hemp oil or CBD oil, this is not ideal for vaping.

This is because most CBD extracts are diluted in MCT oil, which, if burned and inhaled, can cause lipoid pneumonia. Dilution allows for standardization of CBD concentration. It is not typically unsafe to vaporize CBD extracts, which though oily, are not fatty acids like those present in MCT oil (derived from coconuts) or olive oil. If Flav were more transparent about its products, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Most commonly for vape juices, CBD extract is dissolved into propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Some companies will use CBD isolate while others will use pure, undissolved CBD extract.

Customers are advised to exercise extreme caution when purchasing this product. The CBD industry is yet to be regulated in the USA. Thus, reliable companies usually take it upon themselves to conduct testing and provide their results to the public.

In a highly unregulated industry, it’s easy for companies to lie about the ingredients in their products or the CBD concentration. This is why CoAs are important and valuable documents to provide to customers!

We requested a detailed ingredient list from Flav about its cartridges, but we never received a reply.

Flav’s Shipping & Returns Policy

Flav offers to ship within the USA only. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95 or is offered for free on orders over $75.

Returns are only accepted for unopened products within seven days of receiving the product. This must be done through the customer service team, which has been tremendously unresponsive with us.

The Final Verdict: Ambiguous And Misleading Marketing Disaster

Would I personally vaporize and inhale a product for which I had no CoA or ingredient list?

What Flav doesn’t advertise is terrible enough. But what company does say in its advertising makes it all the worse. Promoting the CBD cartridge as containing 0.5 g or 1 g is blatantly misleading customers to believe that the cartridge contains 500 mg or 1000 mg of CBD.

It’s never been so starkly obvious that a company is trying to have customers believe a lie. We know it’s a lie because the net weight of the product is 0.5 g or 1 g, so it’s virtually impossible that the product contains that much CBD.

So then, it becomes apparent why Flav has chosen its marketing techniques. It’s notably worse because the product in question is used by Americans medicinally! Some of the company’s other products seem like they might be worth trying, but after investigating this product more closely, it’s hard to trust Flav as a company at all.

CBD Vanilla Cartridge 1g

Ultra-refined organic cannabidiol hemp oil with the delicious taste of Vanilla provides the absolute best CBD vaping experience. Providing fast and effective results with non-psychoactive, gluten-free oil, infused with the highest grade terpenes. Available in 13 natural flavors.

• Lab tested broad spectrum CBD oil
• CO2 extracted and terpene enhanced
• Pre-filled glass cartridge
• Wickless ceramic heating element
• Universal 510 thread

About this brand

Flav represents an advancement in cannabis science. All-natural purified cannabinoids infused with unique terpene blends create our extensive line of vape products. Our scientific and socially responsible approach to product development is carried through all facets of the brand. From our flower, edibles and tinctures to our topicals and vape products we aim to produce the highest quality consumer goods on the market.

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