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first time growing weed tips

First time growing weed tips

Both medical and recreational dispensaries now sell female cannabis clones, which retail for about $15. Alternatively, it’s commonplace for home growers to gift clones to their friends. “When you get a clone, someone will likely give it to you in a four-inch pot. You’re skipping that whole step of having to germinate seeds. You’re already 10, 14 days ahead of the game and basically ready to plant.”

Temperature: 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. “A tool you should always have is a little temperature gauge,” Lipton said. “They call them hygrometers. They’re cheap and tell you both the temperature and the humidity.”

It’s important to remember that cultivating even one cannabis plant for personal consumption is felony on the federal level and punishable by up to five years in prison. Meanwhile, four US states — Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Oregon — have passed local amendments, allowing citizens who are 21 years old and over to grow a limited number of plants without fear of persecution.

Plant and maintain the vegetative cycle until the plant is mature.

While most, if not all, medical and recreational farms cultivate cannabis from seeds, guaranteeing that their plants are free from viruses, most home growers, even those with experience, typically begin with clones — essentially trimmed pieces of female cannabis plants that have been rooted in separate pots. “When most people think of cannabis — you know, what you smoke — they’re thinking about the flowers of female plants,” Lipton said. “When you grow from seeds, half of them will be males. If you’re only going to do one or two plants, you don’t want to waste your time with that stuff.” A clone sourced from a dispensary or a knowledgeable friend guarantees that the plant is female and will eventually produce bud pending proper care. “You can get up to four ounces off the right plant — if you know what you’re doing.”

After 55 to 60 days, growers begin paying close attention to their plants’ trichomes — the small, bulbous fibers that develop around the flower of the female plant. “Those trichomes will turn from clear to amber,” Lipton said. “They kind of look like red hairs. You know it’s time to harvest when about 10 to 15 percent of the trichomes turn that color.” On average, cannabis plants have a five- to seven-day window of peak harvest time.

Find a healthy clone.

Another layer to consider is that cannabis cultivation must happen “out of plain sight.” “You can’t have any odor. If it’s offending people in the neighborhood, then it’s an issue.”

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First time growing weed tips

A good visual indicator that your crop is ready to harvest is the clarity of the trichomes. Once most cannabis trichomes start resembling a white cloudy color, you should start harvesting your cannabis flower.

Growers should be careful to not overwater the seedlings, which can drown them or stunt their growth. This stage can last from one to three weeks.

When you cure cannabis, you place the dry product in an airtight, sealed container and leave it in a dark location. The container is then opened every day to allow fresh air to enter. Although the curing stage is recommended, it’s optional.

It’s important to avoid overwatering your plants during the vegetative stage to ensure they do not develop any form of root rot. You can expect this growing stage to last for roughly four to eight weeks.


Once cannabis plants are in full flowering mode, you should be able to see some shimmering trichomes all over the cannabis buds. You can expect this growing stage to last for roughly seven to 11 weeks.

Aeroponic cultivation is not recommended for novice growers due to its high cost and delicate monitoring needs, though ambitious newbies with experience growing other plants using aeroponic systems may find success.

During harvest, individual branches are removed from the plant and hung upside down to dry. The drying process can last anywhere from five to10 days. Some growers choose to separate the fan leaves from the colas while others wait until the plant has finished drying before trimming the excess leaves off the plant.

Aeroponic equipment

The Stages of Cultivation

In addition to the basic equipment needed, indoor growers should also have: