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first light seeds

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid

Another unique and original offering with potentially award- winning and future elite status from the stables of DJ Genetics.

“First Light,” the promise of a “New Dawn,” is a cross between the Happy Pussy F4 Mother and the F4 Blueberry male (Stretch Indica) applies to this strain with growth patterns and yield similar to ‘Blueberry?. Sporting some purple resins and dark overtones, the phenotypic expressions of First Light range between the “makes you purr” pleasurable contributions of the HP mom who offers a smooth, sweet palate lacking any high notes or astringent tingles — to the sedate, relaxing fruitiness of the BB with more anise (licorice), burgundy and skunky indica funk. A potent and long-duration effect is noted providing a nice, comfortable body/head mix that mellows to a pleasant and sedate finish.

MAMA: Happy Pussy F4

PAPA: Blueberry F4

HARVEST WINDOW: 53 – 60 Days (@ 11on/13off light cycle indoors)

First light seeds

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® seed essences can be used by all people anywhere in the world to help support and restore holistic wellbeing.

In the First Light® Seeds – New Beginnings course you will discover how to use the 12 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® seed essences No’s 51-62 to support yourself and others to release core negative beliefs held at the level of DNA and return to a natural state of peace.

Negative relating patterns locked in at the DNA level cause us to develop negative beliefs, which induce us to enter into problematic interactions and relationships with people, situations and all of life. The energetic distortions at the level of DNA take the form of 12 primary fears and 12 core negative beliefs.

We have to work at the level of DNA to release ourselves from negative beliefs, deep-seated fears and limiting life patterns. To restore and maintain the energetic integrity of DNA it requires that the keynote of peace be imbued into and permeate each of the 12 strands or layers of DNA. When in a pristine energetic state the 12 strands or layers of DNA are embodiments of the 12 expressions of peace. Together they make up the priceless 12-faceted jewel of perfect peace.

At a metaphysical level, DNA is the basis of all relatedness. It holds the master patterns for living and right relationship with ourselves, others and life in general. Our relationships determine the integrity of our DNA. And the integrity of our DNA determines the quality of our relationships.

“I invite you to embark on a life-transforming journey with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® seed essences No’s 51-62 made from native seeds from the ancient New Zealand flora.

The 12 core negative beliefs are the chains that bind us and frustrate our efforts to be truly free. They express as disempowering actions and attitudes mixed in with negative self-talk. They are like brick walls we are crashing into and cannot get past.

Because of their energetic nature, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® seed essences have a powerful capacity to influence those other than ourselves when we take these essences. Using First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® seed essences means we plant the seeds of peace wherever we go, and like dropping pebbles into a pond, the ripples from our actions flow out until they cover the whole pond. The more we take the seed essences and the more we assist others to do the same, the greater the size of this field of healing energy becomes. At a given point, a critical mass will be reached and the whole planet can then begin to resonate at a new and higher frequency. As a result, the energies of peace grow more and more powerful and present on Earth.

The 12 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® seed essences are award winning vibrational medicines that help us to restore and maintain the energetic integrity of our DNA.