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feminized weed seeds

Feminized weed seeds

Growers can force a female plant to make pollen sacs, and the “feminized” pollen produced can be used to fertilize another female plant. The resulting seeds will only produce female plants.

You can’t see the difference between male and female plants until they start flowering (unless you do a genetic test). Feminized seeds ensure all plants are female so you don’t need to worry about it. You know that every plant is female from germination.

Feminized seeds come from two female plants being bred together, causing all offspring to be female (which means every plant makes buds)

Feminized weed seeds


Some online seed banks might not be legitimate, but the ones in this article are.

Always check that your cannabis seed bank ships to your country before you buy weed seeds online.

FAQs About Buying Cannabis Seeds

No, some seed banks have temporarily halted international shipping because of COVID, while others choose to only ship to the U.K., Europe, U.S. Australia, and New Zealand in order to avoid legal problems with countries with stricter cannabis laws.

They call it Rocket Seeds for a reason – they have fast US shipping.

Do all reputable seed banks offer international shipping?


They also accept Bitcoin for stealthy payments.