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feminized cannabis seeds variety pack

Feminized cannabis seeds variety pack

We separate ourselves from other marijuana seed banks by offering feminized seed variety packs for many popular strains. These are marijuana seeds that are certain to grow into female plants. Browse through our massive 420 seed bank, and have the option to mix and match strains among 5000 seeds. Buy single marijuana seeds, or in bulk to save on big purchases. We cater not only to the at home indoor grow, but also commercial grows in legal states and countries.

Feminized Seed Variety Pack Options

Buying marijana seeds on a massive scale does not need to be a daunting task. We will ship out as many seeds as you need to you, and do it discreetly. It really does take trust being able to buy a cannabis seed online. We encourage you to take a look at our Instagram, and read the many comments from our happy customers. Also check out the many pictures we reposted from our customers who bought seeds from our seed bank, and shared pictures grown. We are frequently reposting flowering pictures of our marijuana seeds sold.

California Feminised Seed Variety Pack

A massive marijuana seed bank such as ours can be an intimidating experience for someone with little information about strains. Don’t worry though because we have a professional stoner from California who’s going to share his insight on some recommended Feminised Seed variety pack options. An example of a great variety pack of Feminized seeds would be buying White Runtz, Girl Scouts Cookies, and Wedding cake.Each of these famous California strains may be purchased in single seed options. These are some of the most popular marijuana strains trending right now in California.

Feminized cannabis seeds variety pack

We try everything we review! Our team of experts rigorously evaluates products across a number of different categories.

Pro tip: MSNL offers a significant discount if you checkout with Bitcoin.

Since indicas are typically short and fast-flowering, they are a perfect choice for new cultivators to grow weed easily. As a bonus, ILGM has one of the world’s most active cannabis-growing forums.

Pros & Cons

While these seeds might be challenging to cultivate, Crop King claims intermediate growers shouldn’t have major issues. The company also says its seeds typically yield 15oz per plant and have between 12-25 percent THC. For further assistance, Crop King Seeds has a unique 24/7 germination hotline to help new cultivators.

The feminized cannabis seeds in this pack come with a 90-100 percent germination rate. One thing Sensi Seeds doesn’t guarantee, however, is which feminized seeds you’ll get!

Expert Review

Founded in 2003, Seedsman is a Barcelona-based seed company that has grown significantly over the years. The most popular strains now in Seedsman’s extensive portfolio include White Widow, Jack Herer, and Blueberry, all of which can be found in the company’s Bestselling Fems Collection.

We try everything we review! Our team of experts rigorously evaluates products across a number of different categories.

Feminized cannabis seeds variety pack

Instead of purchasing seeds of a single cannabis strain, mix packs contain similar, but different strains.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis seeds variety packs that money can buy. We’ve scoured every cannabis seed bank imaginable and narrowed our selection to four worthy online seed banks — ILGM, MSNL, Crop King, and the Ministry of Cannabis.

The beauty of feminized or regular seed variety packs is that you experience a grab bag of unique phenotypes. Whereas one feminized seed variety pack contains nothing but heavy yielders, another may produce terpene-forward dessert varieties.

Cannabis seeds variety packs consist of different cannabis strains within a single package. Instead of purchasing seeds of a single cannabis strain, mix packs contain similar, but different strains.

When you want to mix things up in the garden, mixed cannabis seed packs are the way to go. However, you may wonder — what are cannabis seed mix packs?

Aside from the sheer diversity that feminized and regular seed mix packs contain, they also provide outstanding value for the cultivator. A single mix pack of cannabis seeds may have three to five different strains at an attractive price point. Compare that to single seed packs, which cost nearly the same with fewer single strain seeds.

From our vantage point, feminized or regular seed mix packs are an excellent method to cultivate multiple strains at once. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional cultivator, growing a variety of similar cannabis strains will keep your jars filled with a never-ending supply of unique buds.