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feminized cannabis seeds canada

Feminized cannabis seeds canada


5. MJSeeds – Best Weed Seeds Stealth Shipping

Generally yes, it is safe to order seeds online from reputable seed banks.

Do all marijuana seed banks have multiple payment methods?

The company even has an added customer support line, so you can always chat with a team member if something happens to go wrong.

Feminized cannabis seeds canada

Consider these factors before buying any cannabis seed packs. Oftentimes, online seed banks will categorize their selection by variety or growing environment to make finding your ideal seed easy.

One of the best things about legalized cannabis is the ability to grow your own dank weed at home. Although some provinces don’t allow you to grow cannabis at home, in most of the provinces and territories , you can!

Dr. Seeds

Tip: Order more cannabis seeds than you need. Plan on some of them (at least 25%) to not reach harvest.

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds has over 25 years of experience breeding in Eastern Canada. Choose from over 40 strains including Chemdawg G-13, The White, Trainwreck, Girl Scout Cookies, Panama Red, OG Kush, and many more classic and new cultivars.

Cannabis Home Cultivation Laws

Let’s break down each region’s cannabis grow limits and minimum legal age limit to consume and grow cannabis.