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everything i need to know about growing weed

Everything i need to know about growing weed

Check out our Guide to marijuana legalization for more details on homegrowing in your state.

Before you get started growing, you’ll need to see if you even can grow in your state. Below is a list of states in which it is legal to grow your own marijuana at home, both states with medical and adult-use legal status. If your state does not appear on this list, it is not legal to homegrow in your state .

At the end of the day, you want to grow a strain you like. A single plant can yield between a half-pound and a full pound of dried buds, depending on how big your plants get, so you’ll have a lot of it come harvest time.

Quick overview of the basics of growing marijuana

*Illinois and Washington are adult-use states but require a medical card to homegrow.

Your homegrowing journey starts with the question: indoors or outdoors?

Where is it legal to homegrow cannabis?

These are all great resources but not all growers want to put in that amount of time and effort to get a ton of weed—some growers just want to have fun, grow a little weed, and smoke something they grew themselves.

You might be surprised which states don’t allow homegrowing—only five medical states and one medical territory allow homegrowing at all, and some adult-use states require a medical card.

The first step in odor control is making sure temperature and humidity are under control in your grow space—high temperature and humidity will perpetuate odors.

While shopping for soil, you might be overwhelmed by the options available at your local garden store. The soil type is the basic structure of your soil. From there, look at nutrients, microorganisms, and other amendments that improve the soil. Your choices will be flooded with words like:

Check out our buying guide on indoor lights for more info.

As much fun as growing marijuana indoors is, having a home that perpetually smells like fresh weed can be a serious inconvenience, if not to you than possibly your neighbors. Although weed odor from a small indoor grow in a closet is much easier to manage than a large grow with several flowering plants, both can produce pesky odors that will permeate an entire home if left unattended.

Check temperature and humidity levels

When growing weed indoors, you’ll likely have to add nutrients to your plants. You won’t need to add nutrients every time you water, but get on a schedule where you water every other time, or two on, one off.

Controlling temperature in your indoor grow room or cannabis garden can be achieved by manipulating these factors:

It’s also a good idea to have oscillating fans to provide a constant breeze in your grow room as it will strengthen your plants’ stems, making them stronger and healthier.

Growing containers

For the most part, weed prefers these temps at each growth stage for optimal health:

Make sure all equipment is on, no breakers have flipped, and everything is running smoothly. Check lights, timers, fans, dehueys, ACs, and anything else that plugs into the wall or has a battery.

Everything i need to know about growing weed

And it’s not just buds that benefit. One common grow room ailment is known as White Powdery Mold. It’s particularly common when indoor growers put a plant in a closet or cupboard without really doing anything else to enhance the environment because this often leads to hot, stagnant air near your plants. WPM loves hot, humid, non-moving air.

Nebula Haze founded with her husband Sirius Fourside in 2010. They have published hundreds of growing articles in print and online, and are dedicated to teaching people how easy it is to grow marijuana indoors.

Great airflow, especially with a fan venting out hot air, will make it easier to maintain a great environment. Keeping buds relatively cool in the flowering stage (under 80°F/27°C if possible) helps maximize your overall bud quality, bud appearance, smell, and potency.

2.) The grow light may be the most important tool in the grow room

6.) Growing weed doesn’t have to be hard

Going overboard with nutrients & supplements will burn leaf tips, not make buds grow faster!

3.) The strain makes a HUGE difference in your results

Peyote Wifi is a new sparkle monster strain by Seedsman (grown by prairie_homegrow)

When you have bad airflow, you may come across this. WPM actually looks like someone may have accidentally dropped some flour or other white powder on the leaves of your plant!