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enigma seeds

Enigma seeds

Growing Enigma Seed

  • Enigma Seed
  • Use: Plant an Enigma Seed.
  • “The enigma seed is named for its mysterious ability to germinate into a random Pandaren herb.”
  • Sell Price: 25


Enigma Seeds will result in a   [ Green Tea Leaf ] ,   [ Silkweed ] ,   [ Fool’s Cap ] ,   [ Rain Poppy ] ,   [ Snow Lily ] or a   [ Golden Lotus ] being grown in the plot. As with herbing,   [ Golden Lotus ] will result in only 1 received, while with   [ Green Tea Leaf ] ,   [ Silkweed ] ],   [ Rain Poppy ] ,   [ Fool’s Cap ] and   [ Snow Lily ] 2-4 will be received. Unlike gathering them in the wild, however, Golden Lotuses harvested from an Enigma Seed will not give the [ Luck of the Lotus ] buff.

Enigma Seeds are purchased from Merchant Greenfield for 90 and can be planted at Sunsong Ranch.


Enigma seeds

Growing this seed will yield a couple random Pandaria herbs the following day when you harvest.


Additional Information

However, it is far more efficient to grow motes of harmony instead and use those to purchase a bag of Pandaria Herbs or x3 Golden Lotus from the NPC in Shrine of the Seven Stars.

Update for 5.1: Enigma Seeds now have a very high chance to proc a Golden Lotus, making these very lucrative to plant if lotus is your goal.


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