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emerald og seeds

Emerald og seeds

Emerald OG often grows tall, so make sure you train, prune and top the plants as necessary. Indoors, the flowering time of this strain is 8-9 weeks. You can expect to yield up to 12 ounces per square meter planted. Outdoors, it starts to flower in the middle of October. You could get up to 12 ounces of bud per plant.

In general, the average THC content of Emerald OG ranges from 17% to 19%. However, some versions provide up to 22% – a relatively high intensity of THC.

You might catch yourself breathing deeply, but within an hour, you will likely feel relaxed yet invigorated. Some users say they feel energized enough to get a basic task done before settling down for the evening.

THC Content – Highest Test

Emerald OG is a useful strain for playing video games or watching a few movies. It ultimately makes you feel lethargic, but you retain the ability to enjoy light entertainment. Don’t use too much, or else you could find it challenging to focus.

If you want to grow it outdoors, make sure it is subject to warm conditions. Although it is a hardy plant, it is susceptible to bud rot. Therefore, make sure there is excellent air circulation when grown indoors, and not too much rain if growing outside.

Emerald OG Strain Grow Info

It is a velvety smooth smoke that’s easy to enjoy. However, instead of intense flower-like aromas, there is a significant amount of citrus. You should still taste a lot of earthiness, and its profoundly dank flavor is pleasant.

However, just because it has OG in the name doesn’t mean it is like every other version. Emerald OG is an excellent example of this. It is a strain with true OG heritage, yet it offers some distinctive effects.

It is another strain with amazing vegetative growth which requires a steady supply nitrogen fertiliser along with micro-nutrients calcium and magnesium to maintain its vivid green appearance. This indica/sativa hybrid will take about 9 – 10 weeks to flower indoors, outdoors it is ready in early October, and will produce quite a prodigious harvest with dense, medium-sized buds that are gleaming with resin. Lower buds will be excellent for all extraction methods. The taste of Cherry OG has some variation, ranging from sweet cherry through to a sour diesel/fuel character.

Cherry OG has a complex genetic background. Cherry Thai sativa was crossed with an old skool Afghan and the result then back-crossed several times until the original cherry flavour and super, soaring, sativa effect of the Cherry Thai was dominant. This was then crossed with Emerald Triangle’s Lost Coast OG to make it even more potent and to add a certain sourness to the flavour.

Get the best of both worlds with Cherry OG – a clear, uplifting high with a lovely Kush-type relaxing effect.