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el niño seeds

El niño seeds

El Nino feminized cannabis seeds are hybrid cannabis seeds that grow excellent both indoors and outdoors alike. Indoor growers see impressive results with average flowering times between 55 to 70 days. When growing in a sea of green it’s easy to see yields of 400 to 600 grams per square meter. Outdoor growers can see an average of 60 to 120 grams per plant with experienced growers able to produce phenomenal results that are only limited by their ability. THC percentages start relatively mild coming in at around 12% but have been reported to be as high as 20%. You also get a .7% CBD and a .6% CBN on average with the incredible El Nino feminized cannabis seeds.

With South Indian and Brazilian genetics combined with Haze and Super Skunk it’s easy to see how this was a first prize Award winner in the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup. When you need cannabis seeds like these there’s only one place to go to grow like a pro. That place is the legendary one stop shop for all your cannabis seed needs and more Ice Headshop.

Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

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This strain has a very bushy structure and its dense nature means that growers will probably need to remove some shade leaves in order to assist light penetration so that interior bud-sites receive enough lumens to allow them to develop sufficiently. Indoors yields of up to 800 gr/m 2 can be harvested in as little as 8 weeks of flowering. Outdoor cultivators will discover a robust and hardy plant that stays quite short and which is able to produce yields of as much as 900 gr/plant by the end of September in northern Europe.

El Nino (El Niño) is a four-way, indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It was bred from Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian cannabis strains. El Niño is a 70% indica plant with high levels of THC production.

The production of THC is very high with this strain having been measured at 21.16% with 0.13% CBD and 0.06% CBN. Despite this high THC figure El Niño nonetheless provides a very smooth, relaxing, long-lasting high that is body-centric, very comforting and sociable too so you can really enjoy this together with friends.