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ebay weed seeds

Ebay weed seeds

A MUM was left horrified after discovering cannabis seeds in her daughters birthday present that she bought from eBay.

Mum-of-one Mel reported the parcel to Gwent Police, but was told that as the parcel had originated outside of their district nothing could be done.

“They came from somewhere in England, and I have complained to eBay but they didn’t want to do much about it other than offer me a refund.

"We have the detector dogs and X-ray machines, but most of the time it's our biosecurity staff who find them," Ms Fischer said.

They have already stopped 18,000 attempts this year alone, and with the Christmas season on the horizon, biosecurity officers in international mailrooms have ramped up surveillance.

Bad seeds caught red right-handed

"It could be something with disease associated with it, things like cucumber green mottle mosaic virus, which you definitely don't want in your backyard or in the horticulture sector."

Vikki Fischer, the assistant secretary of pathway policy — travellers, mail, and imported food with the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, said most shoppers did not even realise they were doing something illegal.

Key points:

Unidentified seeds also have the potential to carry unwanted pests such as the khapra beetle.