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east coast sour diesel seeds

East Coast Sour Diesel Seeds are an fast-acting attitude lifter that patients love for its truly sativa effects. This strain has a sour lemon smell and taste that’s crisp and uplifting. East Coast Sour Diesel is powerful so new patients should be cautious.

Cash crop cultivators looking to make a quick buck won’t find their pockets filled with this particular strain, due to the fact that she takes 10-12 weeks to fully complete her flowering period. Although

East coast sour diesel seeds

Fantastic for creativity and arthritis pain after multiple tokes. The high is a clean, fresh, uplifted feeling. The smell is fruity and slightly floral. A great, well-rounded sativa 🙂

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East Coast Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Smells great Beautiful colors

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The Terpenes in this strain make me feel just perfect. Even if it logs at 16% THC, if Terpenes are higher, so am I.

Had some RSO recently. Like drinking coffee, with an incredible buzz. Cerebral Massage♥

Excellent high. Smashes you between the eyes with a super euphoric hazy high. Super big smile on my face. Went for a bike ride and chatted it up with the neighbors. Excellent social lubricant with a relaxing body buzzz. 5 stars

THC: 19% – 22%

12:19 pm – taking 1 more vape hit (3 total) on top of 1 small puff of Lemon Skunk. The additional vape hit should be big enough that it will override whatever I'm getting from the LK. 12:25 – I had a pretty large hit for a Vape and I am starting to feel it more and more. FYI I would say I am a tolerant user as I went through withdrawal headaches when I went without MJ for 2 days. Feelings: an intereresting combination of sleepiness and alertness. I don't know how this is possible! I am isolating the terpene Linalool (also found in the plant lavender) as being over .05% in each strain. Apparently that is the threshold for when it starts to be a more significant amount of Linalool. East Coast Diesel has a fair amount – close to .1% and Lemon Skunk has .18%. So it would make sense why I'd be sleepy. But it's weird because it is a sativa strain. I am also a tired person because I deal with depression. Clinical daily depression. I have insomnia and so my sleep schedule is way off, I'm not exercising regularly, I'm not getting sun and I can be quite lazy. So that doesn't help in determining my base line for this. But I can say other strains definitely do not make me this sleepy. I've tested it 3 times now? I will continue to test, however.