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easiest way to grow cannabis at home

Easiest way to grow cannabis at home

My advice here is to buy the best LED lights you can afford.

Use the ratchet straps to hang your lights – you can adjust the height as your plants grow taller.

Your first steps should be choosing your space and buying your stuff.

Setting up your cannabis grow.

How to care for your plants during all stages of the grow.

Assumption Two: You’re growing in soil and using water-based nutes. Don’t raise your eyebrows. This is what you’re doing.

If you’re still on board, let’s go!

Preparing your indoor cannabis grow.

You’ll learn how to set up your grow and germinate your seeds.

The temperature at the leaf tip should be 80 degrees or less.

Light emitting diode (LED) technology has been around for a while, and they are getting more efficient all the time. The main drawback to LED grow lights is their cost: well-designed fixtures can cost 10 times what a comparable HID setup would.

The two factors you need to control to dial in the environment are temperature and humidity.

Fluorescent grow lights

Unless you’re growing in a large, open space with a lot of ventilation, you’ll need air-cooled reflector hoods to mount your lamps in, as HID bulbs produce a lot of heat. This requires ducting and exhaust fans, which will increase your initial cost but make controlling temperature in your grow room much easier.

Regulating temperature

Because the amount of light a plant receives is so important, you’ll need to make your indoor grow space light-tight. Light leaks during dark periods will confuse your plants and can cause them to produce male flowers or revert to a different stage.