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dwc marijuana grow

Dwc marijuana grow

Rapid Rooters are – in my opinion – one of the best ways to start a seedling in DWC. They germinate successfully so often for us that that now if a seed doesn’t germinate, I assume the seed must have been a dud. The main thing to keep in mind with Rapid Rooters is to make sure they stay moist, but they should never look or feel wet. If it’s shiny, it’s too wet!

My second favorite germination method is the Paper Towel Method. It is simple but surprisingly effective at getting seedlings started fast.

Is DWC as stealthy as other grow styles?

Personally, I load my reservoir up with beneficial bacteria instead. This way, if bad neighbors like pythium (a fungus-like organism that causes root rot) move into my reservoir, they get out-competed by the good guys that already live there. There are a few good sources of beneficial bacteria for DWC, but I personally use Botanicare Hydroguard, which is a root supplement that is extremely effective at stopping and preventing root rot in a DWC environment.

Yes, it’s absolutely necessary! Your plant roots still need air, and without an air pump they will drown. Plant roots need oxygen, and the heavily oxygenated water in a DWC reservoir is a big part of why hydroponic plants grow so fast!

Dwc marijuana grow

Your cannabis will need room to spread out a bit, so you’ll want to keep the total number of plants to 3 or less in a single system. The more plants that go into a single reservoir, the smaller each plant will need to be. I generally grow only 1 or 2 cannabis plants in a top-fed DWC system at a time.

Grow Lights:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

How to Manage the Water Reservoir

You don’t need any other nutrients to grow marijuana; this trio alone will give your cannabis plants what they need to flourish through the vegetative and flowering stages.

Dwc marijuana grow

Hydroton clay pebbles are derived from an orange-red clay and look like brown balls with black spots. They are pH neutral (inert) and come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. They are also pretty cheap and can be washed, dried, and reused for your next crop.

What Are Hydroton Clay Pebbles?

Cannabis DWC systems range in size. Some growers may place multiple plants in a single reservoir, while others may pump nutrients and oxygen into several small DWC reservoirs that hold one plant each.

Water/Nutrient Solution

If you want to learn about more ways to grow in soil and soilless systems, enroll in Cannabis Training University. CTU offers jam-packed courses on cannabis cultivation, cannabis law, cannabis medicine, cannabis extraction, cannabis cooking, and so much more.