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duckfoot cannabis seeds

Duckfoot cannabis seeds

However, even with stealthy strains, be aware that they still smell like cannabis in the budding stage!

This Frisian Duck plant is just about ready to harvest!

For reference, this is what a “standard” cannabis leaf looks like

Frisian Duck plants react really well to growing in a living soil that’s been composted and amended with slow release organic ingredients.

Some strains are descended from the Ducksfoot strain, retaining the original leaf shape while giving growers additional variations on the qualities of the buds themselves, and allowing growers to get a version of this strain in seed form. Most of these options are bred by Dutch Passion. Otherwise the main way to get a “duck” strain is to find someone who has one and take a clone.

Dr. Grinspoon grows buds that don’t stack on top of each other like standard cannabis plant

Did you know that some strains don’t look like traditional cannabis plants? These plants take advantage of a leaf mutation that causes leaves to grow in a different shape than standard cannabis plants. As a result, if you’re growing cannabis outdoors a strain like this may make things just a little less suspicious at first glance!

Get a Cannabis Strain with that “Regular Plant” Look!

This is a Frisian Duck plant in the vegetative stage

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Ducksfoot cannabis cultivar happens to be a sativa predominant strain that originated in Australia. The strain has a modest THC level and therefore inhaling its flavors will stimulate you cerebrally as well as make you gregarious and humorous. The strain gets its name from the leaves that resemble the webbed feet of ducks. Smoking Ducksfoot envelopes you with the invigorating scents of freshly brewed coffee tinged with spiciness, skunky, and pungency. The flavors leave behind aftertastes

Indoor vs. outdoor growing

The plants grow tall enough and branch out in all directions. So, you need to have ample space while growing indoors.

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Ducksfoot Seeds for Sale:

If your grow room is not spacious, you’ll have to resort to periodic pruning to prevent overcrowding. Be liberal in supplying nutrients.