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dr. clemenstein seeds

Dr. Clemenstein cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid grown by Plantworks. Merging two famous strains, a pretty peach strain was made. Frosty and decked out in loud orange hairs, these buds smell like an orange tree and taste more like its GSC parent.

Flavor and Effects of Dr. Clemenstein

This cannabis strain is best for daytime usage. Dr. Clemenstein cannabis strain’s high is a friendly and welcoming one that advances with ease. It may be as long as 15 minutes after users have absorbed this strain’s flavorful smoke before it begins to take effect.

Medical Benefits of Dr. Clemenstein

This strain has an orange-tinged flavor that makes it a tasty treat at the end of a busy day. When smoked, it gives off a soft and easily palatable vapor. This smoke tastes woodsy with some bright orange flavorings on the exhale. Dr. Clemenstein’s effects take a while to show up.

Dr. clemenstein seeds

It was also the first contact bout for many on each team. That showed early, went away quickly as skaters got back up after receiving their first solid block ever, shook the surprise off, realized that it really didn’t hurt that much, and marked the number of their attacker for future pay back.

Daisy Dukem (909) thinks she is passing for a point for the Danger Rockets, but Sockit Liberation Front pivot Wicked Slam and blocker Vishus Trollope (106) are about to plant that idea firmly on the track. Photo by Danny Ngan.

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Crashers and Ringers pile up points in Debutante Brawl

In the first jam after the timeout Danger jammer Daisy Dukem (909) passed the star to teammate Stone Cold StunHer (316), who aimed herself directly at two of the Front’s toughest blockers, Thumper Skull and Sher Nobyl, whacked them both and picked up eight points. A couple jams later Liberty Bell Ringer (76), with Stone Cold StunHer in the pivot directing some delicate but deadly blocking, breezed through four passes, adding 17 points.

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Wicked Slam and Thumper Skull are not people you want to see in front of you if your goal is to score points for the other team. In jam nine of the second half the Front found themselves on the short end of a power jam, down 2-5. Those two were the Slam and the Skull, enough brute force to shut out the Danger for the entire jam.


Is Grave Danger back? Could be, after their opening win, 93-64. Are the Throttle Rockets poised to challenge this coming season? Could be, after they skated close most of the bout, gave as good as they got from the Nightmare. Somebody whom we know is definitely back is Grave Danger jammer Nehi Nightmare, The diminutive scorer, skating as Notta ELF, piled up 49 of her team’s 93 points in the opening bout. She took a half lap lead in the first jam behind Santa’s Stache, I-Ponyo Gifts and Tem-purumpumpumpum (not going to type that name again, we’ll just call her Tem), and scored a quick five points, putting her team up 5-0. Trailing as they entered jam six 15-7 Rockets’ jammer Shocking Stuffer earned her team its only lead of the night, piling up 18 points to jump ahead 25-23. After that it was Your Worst Nightmare’s superior line play against struggling Jingle Bell Rockets’ jammers as the bout slowly got away from them. The Rockets were shut out in eleven of the bout’s 23 jams.

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