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does growing weed in a tent smell

Does growing weed in a tent smell

Carbon filters are classic cannabis filtering devices. Not all carbon filters work the same when it comes to filter power and lifespan; you may want to pick a high quality device – you may need to shell out a bit more money. You’ll also need to pick one that’s right for your extractor or else it won’t work correctly.

The Neutralizer is one of the best odor neutralizers that we stock. It’s made from various different essential oils from aromatic plants and it modifies cannabis odor particles perfectly, capable of covering large areas effectively. It does not affect your plants’ aroma and it’s perfectly fine to breathe in.

When it comes to getting rid of pungent aromas, you’ll need to pick your preferred method or system; each method has its own pros and cons, which is why it’s a good idea to test them out and then maybe combine two of them for the best possible results – your weed won’t be stinking up anywhere any time soon if you follow our advice. The largest difference between these methods tends to be how pricey they are, which is why it’s a good idea to combine more than one method at a time.

Odor neutralizers

Odor Filter + Two Gels; This method involves installing a metal activated carbon filter in your ducting system and using two gels for extra precaution; one at the entrance to your house and another inside the ducting right before your extractor fan.

One of the best activated carbon filters is the Anti-odor Filter Mountain Air, which is so efficient that it has won prizes for it. These high quality filters made in Canada can filter almost 100% or any aromas thanks to its high quality activated carbon and its innovative design and shape. They usually last for about two years, depending on how intensely you plan on growing cannabis. These filters are perfectly safe and eco-friendly.

Anti-odor gels

Before you actually start growing cannabis indoors you’ll need to make sure that air gets in and out exactly where it’s supposed to; any leaks would be disastrous and would defeat the point of hiding the smell. Once you’ve checked everything and set up your filtration system (which needs to be strong enough to filter the amount of air in your grow tent or room) you need to make sure that your extractor and air intake system is creating negative pressure, which makes sure that all of the air inside the tent or room will be sucked out via your extractor fan rather than leaking out anywhere else.

ONA gel products can be used inside cannabis grow rooms or tents without damaging the plants at all. These products are generally used to back-up carbon filters by placing them inside your ducting. They’re also used to camouflage the aroma when drying cannabis or for areas near your grow room like the hall or your garage. You can also acquire sprayers and the like so that you get the absolute most out of it.

Does growing weed in a tent smell

Lets make a note that you only need the carbon filter in flower really. Sure there will be some smell in veg but you will end up wasting your carbon filter life if you use it in veg. The high humidity levels in veg will clog your carbon filter.

I would say it will smell like 2 weed plants in an enclosed space, so yes it will smell like weed. even with a carbon filter when you open the tent what ever room/house you are in will smell dank for a bit. I have mine in my basement when i open the tent my wife upstairs across the house will be able to tell.

If you’re worrying about the smell you can look up strains with less smell.

Would a 303060 grow tent with 1 or 2 plants smell a lot?

A tent will smell up a whole house unless you run an exhaust system with carbon filter 24/7 and keep negative pressure. But as soon as you open it to water the smell with fill the room within minutes.