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do weeds stop growing in winter

Do weeds stop growing in winter

Perennials live for many years, not dying after flowering. They have underground parts that enable them to store energy through winter. There are two types of perennial weeds:

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Controlling Biennials

By the way, getting rid of weeds isn’t your only option. Check out so-called “weeds” worth keeping around.

You can also control perennials with an herbicide. A pre-emergent herbicide will kill some as they emerge from the ground. Other weeds require post-emergent herbicide. If you use herbicide, make sure you protect desired plants from the spray.

Controlling Perennials

You can also reduce perennial weeds on your lawn by helping it to grow thick. Mow it at about three inches in height to help it outcompete weeds.

Do weeds stop growing in winter

Most lawn weeds don’t like competition, so a thick lawn turf is your greatest defense against lawn weeds. Focusing attention on weed control without building a dense turf is a guarantee you will have continued weed problems. For lawns in poor condition, it may take a couple of years of improvement before you see a significant reduction in lawn weeds.

Identifying Weeds

– Grows in moist soils and can reach heights of 12 inches by mid-spring.


– Spreads by seed.