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denman seeds

As a food security initiative we prioritize picking high quality fruit that is suitable for sharing in our community.

Our thanks to DenmanWORKS! for continuing financial support.

The goal of this food security program is to put good fruit, that otherwise would go to waste, to good use on Denman Island.

Contact Laura Busheikin , Market Manager, for inquiries .


Find a full list of community equipment, rental prices, and who to contact.

Saturday morning from 9:30-12:30pm

Contact Danni Crenna , Organizer, for inquiries .


Located at the Denman "Old School"

The GPA will be organizing picking parties in three main “harvest weeks” this fall to make the most of the ripening windows for apples and other fruit and nuts here on Denman.

Denman seeds

Hot Ones Hits Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Stop on by and try some samples, we've got free 2 hour parking out back!

Our new hot sauce store is located at 779 Denman Street in Vancouver's West End Neighbourhood.

Lucifer's House of Heat is a one stop shop for Hot Sauce, Pepper Seeds, Puree, Extracts & Capsaicin Drops, Rubs, Seasonings, Spices, Peppers, Salsa, BBQ Sauce & Marinades, Condiments, Cocktail Mixers, Coffee, Snacks, Candy, and Gift Packs.

Lucifer's Hot Sauce Store in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Lucifer's Hot Sauce Gift Packs