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deadwood seeds

Deadwood seeds

Deathweed Seeds are a type of seed that can be obtained from harvesting Deathweeds while they are blooming or using the Staff of Regrowth on naturally grown Deathweeds while they are fully grown. A Deathweed plant only blooms during a Blood Moon, and also during Full Moons in the  Desktop version,  Console version,  Mobile version,  Switch version, and  tModLoader version. Its blooming state can be identified by the sickly red pods on its leaves. Each plant will drop 1–3 Deathweed Seeds when harvested while blooming.

Deathweed Seeds can be placed on Corrupt and Crimson grass, Ebonstone and Crimstone Blocks, empty Clay Pots, or any types of Planter Boxes , and will grow into harvestable Deathweeds. They will grow anywhere, not just in the evil biomes, but will only yield seeds when blooming.

It won’t take a trip to the wild west to experience Deadwood, thanks to an indica-dominant cannabis strain of the same name. A cross between Bubba Kush and Sweet Pink Grapefruit, Deadwood’s THC content consistently clocks in between 9 percent and 14 percent.

Perhaps this strain is known as Deadwood because of its powerful effects, which are particularly popular among medical cannabis users. This strain can relieve the symptoms of a number of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. Physical pain in the body may be no match for Deadwood, whether it be a chronic issue or something that has recently flared up. And, yes, for those who suffer from insomnia, Deadwood is something that might ease your inability to sleep.


Deadwood is a great, indica-dominant choice for medical cannabis users, or anyone who would like a temporary reprieve from stress and anxiety.

Deadwood’s soothing capabilities and its relatively low THC content also make it a good choice for people interested in strains that are not likely to cause panic.