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cruise 232 seeds

Cruise 232 seeds

Looking to improve your motivation throughout the day? We cover the best cannabis strains for daytime use and explain how to select strains for your needs.

At Canndescent, we celebrate “The Art of Flower.” By marrying the mastery of cannabis cultivation and your individual needs, we help you curate a truly personal, luxury experience.

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12 Best Cannabis Podcasts For Every Type of Listener

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Curious about cannabinoids and how they can help? We outline each of the 8 major cannabis cannabinoids, their benefits, and their effects.

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These discs are intended to be slowly chewed.

Flat ganja . The cut stalks are tied together in bundles, the large leaves are eliminated, and only the inflorescences, which are stuck together by the exuded resin, are kept. The bundles of inflorescences are placed on the ground and trampled underfoot to flatten them. The bundles are then untied, and the product sorted and packed under the name of Large flat or Ewig-flat, according to the length and breadth of the stems.

This method has, of course, the disadvantage of sacrificing the seed, the market value of which is far from negligible. There is only one solution for the problem-to allow cultivation with a view to obtaining seed for industrial purposes in temperate districts only, where scarcely any resin is produced.

The floriferous branches of the female plant bear leaves and secondary branches, and the inflorescences form very contracted racemes of cymes intermingled with foliaceous bracts. The whole gives a robust, bushy, compact appearance to the female plant.

J. Bouquet has had the opportunity of analysing three samples of Turkish Delight, one of which contained chira powder, and the other two very finely-powdered Cannabis tops.

The mendicant monks, or fakirs, have made use of hemp preparations from the earliest times, and still do so. “Their object in using this drug”, writes Mohamed Shirazi Kalenderi , “is, in addition to their pleasure in the visions it engenders, to dry up the seminal fluid; they thereby diminish the inclination to sexual pleasure and can the more easily avoid libertinage”. *

Maconha, (Brazil) etc.

Some of them contain, in addition to, or instead of, opium, the leaves of various Solanaceae (such as henbane and datura.

The resin secreted by the tops;

Our ship moves under engine power, rather than sailing, so all cabins will experience light engine noise when the ship is moving (and occasionally when we drop anchor). It’s probably worth packing earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

White sand beaches and brilliantly blue seas are on full show on this nine-day small ship cruise around the Seychelles islands. Board the twin-hulled Pegasus and enjoy magnificent sea views and crisp salt air from the deck, relaxing with new friends and dining on board. Cruise to uninhabited islands, walk through mangrove forests, spot giant tortoises, explore World Heritage-listed nature reserves and relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This Seychelles cruising adventure allows you to explore at your own pace and relax into island life. It is, after all, a true slice of Indian Ocean paradise.

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Drop anchor in the centre of port towns such as Mahe and La Digue, having the opportunity to explore independently and hop on and off the boat as you please.

Why you’ll love this trip

This is a small ship Adventure Cruising, which means you’ll be sailing on a yacht with between 30–50 other people. The boat is spacious and comfortable, but it focuses more on the destination than on-board activities. Instead of a pool, we have the sea itself. Instead of a casino, we’ve got board games and a good book. There’s also no formal dress code to worry about. Wi-fi is available for a small charge.

Unlike other larger cruise liners, your small ship – the M/Y Pegasus – has the option to drop anchor beside tiny islands and swim in bays that others cannot reach.

Accompanied by a fully qualified onboard naturalist, you will be led on insightful shore excursions through mangrove forests and World Heritage-listed reserves.

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With your vessel fully equipped with kayaks and snorkelling equipment, you will be able to take advantage of the crystal-clear waters and discover its colourful ecosystem underwater.

Stop at the stunning Anse Source D’Argent on La Dique with your small group. It’s consistently rated as one of the best beaches in the world, and you’ll soon know why.