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critical cure seeds

Critical cure seeds

Critical Kush along with Shantibaba’s Enhanced CBD Strain are the parents of CBD Critical Cure. Smokers and Growers alike love this strain for its beautiful body height and massive yields. Averaging at 600 grams per square meter and flowering in 55 to 60 days, CBD Critical Cure provides the critical care you need to get your smoke on. The intense earthy flavors and sweetness will dance on your tongue creating a party in your mouth. That is right before you catch couch lock and pass out.

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If you’re looking to experience a good buzz and find relief from many different ailments you can’t go wrong with CBD Critical Cure. Whether you are a light consumer who can take two tokes and pass out, or if you are a hard-core smoker who smokes grams every day, this strain will not disappoint. CBD critical cure comes from the amazing genetics and the extraordinary breeders at CBD Critical Cure.

CBD Critical Cure is a strain from Barneys Farm that you will absolutely love. This kick-ass ganja will make you wanna dance and sing when you experience the incredible pain relief you get from this 80/20 Indica dominant strain. THC counts come in at 5.5% and CBD averages around 8% with this strain but don’t let that s*** fool you because you will get high school high on this fire. A whopping 8% or better when it comes to CBD? That my friend will give you the best full body buzz and euphoric feeling thanks to the entourage effect it produces!

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

• High CBD Concentration Often Exceeding 8%
• Lower THC Averaging 5.5%
• Quick Flowering Times of 55-60 Day
• Large Yields- 600 grams per square meter


Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

Puff on CBD Critical Cure marijuana for a clear-minded high that brings with it mental clarity and happiness, not to mention feelings of enhanced focus and productivity. You’ll know this indica is kicking in when you feel its buzz start to melt downwards from your temples, slowly enveloping the body in warm relaxation, but not the kind that will leave you house-bound. These reasons alone are among few that make this strain popular with patients. CBD Critical Cure has been used effectively to treat chronic stress, depression, and similar mental health conditions. It also has inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and redness.

Featuring a nearly balanced ratio of THC to CBD, CBD Critical Cure is a sweetly pungent medical strain – suitable for every grower – that will bring on happiness without leaving you couch bound.

Sweet and pungent with notes of berry, CBD Critical Cure marijuana has a tantalizing aroma that’s stronger as you break up your dried buds. A refined palette may be able to discern from its complex flavor profile touches of soil, berries, and refreshing pine on the exhale.


Few strains are as ideally emotional relief and happiness as CBD Critical Cure – the moderately low level of THC delivers mellow euphoria that is perfectly counterbalanced by the strain’s higher-than-average content of CBD.

Good news for marijuana newcomers – CBD Critical Cure marijuana seeds are easy to maintain. These short, sturdy plants prefer warm climates, but also fare well in the cold, and require trimming to keep inner leaves from succumbing to mold and mildew growth. Within 7-9 weeks of flowering, CBD Critical Cure will produce above average yields.