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critical 47 seeds

Critical 47 seeds


Indoor growers who choose the sea of green as their preferred method of growing average 400 grams per square meter or better. Outdoor growers sometimes have to do a double check when they average 500 grams per plant or more. With THC percentages starting at 15% and coming in as high as 20% Critical 47 has what it takes to get the job done. Growing your cannabis seed collection with some phenomenal genetics like Critical 47 will show just how serious of an herbal connoisseur you are. With phenomenal earthy taste and nutty aroma the incredible Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds are just the thing you’re cannabis seed collection needs. Get your hands on some today the Ice Headshop way. The Ice Headshop way of course is kickingback and relaxing while blazing on a J and ordering the seeds of your dream online anytime day or night.

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Critical 47 is highly sought-after for its pain-relieving attributes as well as its stony high. No matter whether you are a medicinal or recreational consumer chances are if you’re looking to relieve pain and unwind from the day this is the strain you need. Critical 47 has an average flowering time of 53 days from seed to harvest. In less than two months you’ll have a super stoney powerful Indica crop of cannabis. Indoor and outdoor growers both see phenomenal results with these lovely ladies.

Citrus bouquet with notes of sour caramel, but not as explosive as its Critical # 47 ancestry.

Characterized by a high concentration of CBD, it acts at the body level with all the virtues that this entails.

MEDICINAL Complex and enigmatic final aroma, with highly varied notes that combine floral and fruity nuances, reminiscent of ebony, sandalwood, or exotic incenses.

Our best Critical # 47 clone, high in THC (recessive), with a CBD Crew strain (dominant). As a result, plants are fast, strong, but not very tall, which maintain their well-known virtues: speed of flowering and great production, awarded in several glasses. It grows like a Sativa, but with dense buds typical of Indica. The use of stakes is recommended to support the weight of its vigorous flowers. It maintains its initial structure with similarities to Sativa, but already in flowering it will show its accelerated speed with dense and heavy flower clusters, as well as high branching and low internodal distance, so large plants will need pruning. Moderate sensitivity to fungi.