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cree led grow lights cannabis

Cree led grow lights cannabis

That’s why the best COB LED grow light is one that combines COB chips with regular chips.

COB LED Grow Light Comparison Table

“COB LED grow lights are the future. They’re the best lights on the market.”

Why No Optic Or Amare Lights?

These reviews explain why the grow lights got their ratings and will also help you decide which of these fixtures is best for your needs.

Cree led grow lights cannabis

To get the best connection possible and draw away the largest amount of heat, you want to use a thermal interface, like a thermal pad or thermal paste. It goes on the back of the COB, where it presses into the heat sink.

Another potential disadvantage comes if a COB fails. If you’ve only got a handful of them on your fixture, losing one means losing a large portion of light. With a SMD LED, losing one diode does not impact the overall output much.

COB Vs SMD LED For Growing

I would not recommend that, however, and would make sure to use quality components.

Personally, I feel there are a two brands of ready-made lights that offer better deals.

COB Light Vs LED

First you need to mount the COB. Most of them have screw holes in them, so you can just screw them down, but you are better off getting a holder.