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commercial marijuana growing in california

Commercial marijuana growing in california

“It’s fun times right now to be the mayor,” said Mayor Scott Matas, who has been in city government since 2007 and once voted to implement a moratorium on cannabis businesses.

A new industry blossoms

The tax revenue has already helped to pay for a new City Hall, a library and roads, as well as more police officers. Housing developers eye the area as jobs attract more people to the desert. Residents also benefit from the boom — of about 29,000 residents, at least 2,300 work in the cannabis industry, Wilms said.

A city brought back from the brink

Gold Flora and other companies like it represent a major shift for the desert economy. Matas, who was re-elected to a third term in November, remembers a time around 2011 when the city had just “$400 in the bank.” City officials froze salaries, cut programs and considered filing for bankruptcy protection, Reuters reported. The city had previously filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Commercial marijuana growing in california

There are 482 incorporated cities/towns in California ( The interactive map on our website highlights twenty-one (21) incorporated cities with the most robust commercial cannabis laws:

Currently, 53% of the 58 counties in California allow for commercial Medicinal/Adult-Use cannabis business operations.

CannaBusiness Law will be posting a blog in the near-future with an updated list of the incorporated cities in California with commercial Medicinal/Adult-Use cannabis laws allowing for business operation.

To find out more information about counties and cities in California that allow for commercial cannabis activity, check out our interactive map that includes specifical municipal code relevant to the county/city you are looking for

The following counties allow commercial cultivation, manufacturing, and/or retail: