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colorado clementines seeds

Colorado clementines seeds

The flavors of Colorado Clementines are mostly like: Citrus, Orange, Lemon, Earthy and Skunk while the effects of colorado clementines are mostly like: talkative, uplifted, relaxed, creative and happy.Buying Colorado Clementines seeds is not possible at the moment, we will keep you informed as soon as the Colorado Clementines seeds are available.

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Colorado Clementines flavors

Geraldine from Belgium

Paki Potter from Nauru

About Colorado Clementines seeds

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Colorado Clementines is one sweet cannabis strain that packs a punch, with THC levels that range between 22 and 24 percent. This strain is particularly popular due to its ability to skyrocket levels of euphoria before it moves into the body to fully relax it. However, due to its strength, it is recommended that newer cannabis users proceed slowly when starting with Colorado Clementines.

Enjoy Colorado Clementines as a sweet, euphoric and relaxing treat at the end of a particularly trying day (or any day, really).


When Colorado Clementines’ high first hits, users can expect to feel extreme happiness that may extend to the stomach, leading to a case of the munchies. About an hour in, the tingly pleasure sensation will move downwards from the head through the body. Though muscles will likely feel light and airy, expect to feel a sense of being locked in to the couch as well. For this reason, it’s probably best to enjoy Colorado Clementines at the end of a long day rather than when there are tasks left on your to do list.

Although many enjoy Colorado Clementines recreationally, some medical marijuana users have also found this strain helpful in treating issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.