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click and grow weed

Click and grow weed


With an HG camera inside, you can watch your pot plants as they grow in the Leaf planterLeaf

Long and sleek, Grobo won't compromise your living space. The design is meant to be energy efficient, and you can follow your pot's progress via the app or on your desktop computer. Grobo's sensors send data by app, so you know how your plants are holding up as they're hidden away. From pH levels to temperature, Grobo manages to keep your plants at their peak — all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and some starter seeds. The planter starts at $1,799 for the Grobo Solid and $1,999 for Grobo Premium which has a see-through door.


One of the more affordable option on our list, Niwa taps into hydroponics to grow your plantNiwa

If you're looking to expand the kind of herbs you grow, and add some marijuana to your home grown farm, smart planters are worth considering. Great for helping flowers, lettuce and thyme bloom, these containers are also particularly good for helping your pot plants take root just as well. Once you're sure your state is down with some cannabis cultivation, these 6 planters can give you a head start on having a little — or big — crop of your own.


Run the AeroGarden through its app, or through Amazon's voice assistant AlexaAeroGarden

Niwa wants to help you take the guess work out of germinating, and is one of the most affordable options on our list. With a Wi-Fi connection and the paired app, this internet-connected garden can control its own climate, light and watering, using hydroponics to efficiently grow your marijuana. You can even watch your plants grow through the clear class exterior. The Niwa One Standard costs $379, while the Niwa One Premium with an aluminum finish is $429.

Click and grow weed

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A list of seeds you can grow with Click and Grow

Whilst this isn’t something I’ve done due to the law in my country, I can confirm this is possible. This thread shows various users of the Click and Grow community growing weed with great success.

How long do the Click and Grow lights last?

The LED lamp is also very energy efficient, it uses around 3.8kWh per month which is almost less than 1% of most users monthly energy consumption.

Click and grow weed

Hi everyone, as you may know, Canada has recently legalized the recreational use of Cannabis. That means that Canadian such as myself are now allowed to have and grow their own weed.

I have been thinking of getting a smart grow box but the ones available for Cannabis all seem quite expensive. I was looking at the Click and Grow but I can't seem to be able to find any stories of people that done it in the past with this machine. That leaves me wondering, is it possible to grow Cannabis in the click and grow?