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christmas cookies seeds

Christmas cookies seeds

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Christmas cookies seeds

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In Switzerland, we call them Chräbeli! They owe their name to their appearance, but they don’t differ in taste from German Anise Cookies. The only difference is the shape. So feel free to use this anise cookie dough recipe for either the Swiss or German version.

How long do they stay fresh? They are best freshly baked. However, you can store them for at least one week in a cookie tin or airtight container at room temperature.

German Anise Cookies (also known as Springerle) are cut-out cookies for which you need a special Springerle mold or cookie stamps to make the beautiful and very typical ornament.

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The exact quantities and everything else you need to know for the recipe can be found in the recipe card below.

Anise Cookies are one of the most popular and beloved Swiss Christmas cookies! They have a unique flavor, are very crisp, yet have a soft core!

Why? Essential oils are released during those steps, which make for a beautiful anise flavor. You will smell it in your kitchen, I promise!

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Unique Taste & Essential Oils

Do you have Kirsch at home? Add two tablespoons of Kirsch to the dough (Step 4) and add a little more flour.

To get the best out of anise seeds, I highly recommend toasting them slightly in a skillet and crushing them with a mortar afterward.