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cherry limeade seeds

Cherry limeade seeds

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Cherry Limeade seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Cherry Limeade seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Cherry Limeade specifications

Yuli from Singapore

Most helpfull

Veronica from Achalpur

She takes on deep purples and reds during flush and you can smell these plants from a mile away. Extra caution should be taken to contain smell (if necessary) and go easy on the nutrients until you get the hang of her.

The Cherry Lime Soda is not the easiest plant to master but the terpenes and flavour are well worth the effort and energy.


Cherry Flambé was created by Green Snowman and is a cross of the famous Bay Area Cherry Pie and the unique male of FabFuel (Fabuloso x JetFuel OG). Most phenotypes are similar to the Cherry Pie but have a much more potent and truly unique grape syrup and acidic soda fizz flavour.

We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take NO responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.

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