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chemdog weed seeds

Chemdog weed seeds

OG Kush x Sour Diesel.


Flowering Outdoor
Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere).
Production can reach 1000 gr/plant. Long-internodes, branchy plant.

Flowering Indoor
9 weeks and a yield up to 800 gr/m .2 .
Good for ScrOG or LST.


THC: 21.51% CBD: 1.50% CBN: 0%

Narcotic with strong perception alteration, long-lasting.

Chemdog weed seeds

The Chemdawg strain is known for having sparkly silver buds with rust-colored pistils throughout. Tapered nugs that look like arrowheads with minimal leaves and hollow stems. The resinous calyxes seem to stack with perfect symmetry.

Chemdawg is one of the definitive strains that’s helped to change the course of the global cannabis scene. So many of today’s most sought after strains can trace their origins back to Chemdawg. The actual genetic line of Chemdawg gets complicated but, it’s said to be a hybrid of Nepalese and Thai genetics that originated within the United States jam band scene during the 1990s. Since then it has been praised for its unique taste and immensely potent effects.

Chemdogs buzz is fast-acting and hard-hitting. Almost immediately it makes your eyes feel heavy the sends a warm and body-numbing rush from the top of your head down to your toes. The experience is truly relaxing and gives a prolonged couch-locking effect that’s perfect for relieving restlessness and chronic pain.

Chemdog Appearance

Chemdog is the original strain to evoke the heavy diesel and piney fragrance that so many connoisseurs love. The buds are skunky and spicy with a lemony rocket fuel smell that almost burns your nose. The smoke is smooth and deliciously addicting. Lots of earthiness and sour qualities can also be detected.

Chemdawg seeds produce heavy, dense buds with extremely robust terpenes, flavours and aromas of dank kush. Chemdawg strain is a great medicinal strain.

Chemdawg Seeds

Chemdawg repeatedly tests with THC levels exceeding 25% and, some growers have reported more than 30% THC! The CBD content is low and the main terpene profile is of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and humulene. Chemdog is a hybrid that is 55% indica to 45% sativa. Because of the high THC, Chemdog is an ideal strain to use as the foundation for your future breeding projects.

Chemdawg is a strain best suited for indoor gardens but, when grown successfully Chemdawg outdoor is some of the finest tasting herb you’ll ever encounter. Indoor flowering takes about 9 weeks and delivers a healthy 28oz/m2. Chemdog is very stretchy once flowering begins and, the buds get heavy so having some dowels or a screen will help to hold up its hefty branches. Outdoor Chemdog finishes flowering in mid-October. It prefers warm and dry conditions and can yield 28oz/plant outdoors. This Chemdawg strain has a good resistance to pests thanks to the fuel like aroma of the flowers but, take care to keep the environment dry as to prevent unwanted mildew from growing.

Chemdog weed seeds

The smoke is thick and pungent and when you grind your bud, you mainly smell the sweet resinous fruit scent and a thick, greasy undertone.

At, like most other seed banks, we refuse to sell cannabis. Unfortunately, there is no working round this since legalization sadly only goes so far. What we do offer is premium cannabis seeds to anyone. We work with a select group of very experienced breeders, each with their own specific field of expertise, so we can offer the most extensive selection of high-quality seeds possible to our customers. Growing marijuana is not only the best way to become self-sufficient, but it is also a highly fun and rewarding hobby and we are more than happy to guide you every step of the way!

This ChemDawg is the plant for every enthusiast of something special and her manageable growth (especially in a scrog setup) makes her a suitable plant for growers of any skill level.

Creating our ChemDawg cannabis seeds

Over the course of the next years, we used these seeds as the base for 3 different selections when we eventually managed to stabilize her to a 2-phenotype strain that offers a high yield, Impressive THC levels, an average flowering time, and a plant that grows a little over 110 cm/ 43 inch indoors.

Rumor has it that this remarkable strain started with a grower called Joe Brand aka Wonkanobe, and his friend Pbud, who happened to be touring with the Grateful Dead in 1991.

They brought along a pound of weed which they called “Dog Bud’ since it was so powerful it made you roll over like a dog. Among the entourage, they called it Chemweed, because of its strong, fuel-like chemical odor.

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When you first start growing your own weed, we can imagine you have all kinds of questions. Do these ChemDawg feminized seeds have to grow in a sunny spot? What will the yield be per square meter? Do you offer discreet shipping? And how soon will I get my seeds if I order today at seed bank? Customer service is very important to us so please contact us anytime, even if you have a complaint. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to be the first to learn about new strains and special offers.

ChemDawg feminized is one of everyone’s favorite strains that acquired world fame due to her quintessential aroma, flavor, invigoration cerebral effects, dense buds, and of course her proven efficiency with offering relief on a broad scale of physical and mental discomforts.