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chem d.o.g. seeds

Chem d.o.g. seeds

It has a — you guessed it — dominant sour and diesel flavor. The effects are most commonly thought to be relaxed and happy, so it’s a really great strain for someone that needs a change in the day. Hit it mid-afternoon and cruise that afternoon slump.

Since Chemdog’s birth, it has grown to become a household name for cannabis breeders, growers, and consumers alike. The genetics of each Chemdog phenotype have been used to breed many other popular cannabis strains that you’re probably smoking right this second.

If you love Chemdog, you’ll definitely love Stardawg. Bred by Top Dawg Seeds, Stardawg is a hybrid that was created by crossing Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg. The result is a cultivar well known for its high THC content and powerfully effective high, whether it be uplifting or sedative. Results will vary by consumer, but know either way will be a potent rollercoaster of an experience.

Alien Dawg

The Cali Connection is a group of breeders who are known for giving us Deadhead OG. Additionally, they’ve also given us Alien Dawg, which crosses Chemdog with a strain called Alien Technology.

GMO Cookies, also called Garlic Cookies, is showing legendary status in its recent years. It’s a cross of Chemdog and GSC that smells like funky garlic and tastes the same. The effects? You ever been hit by a THC bus? It’s that. When Mamiko Seeds bred this one, surely they had no clue it would blow up like it has.

Here are seven Chemdog hybrids that carry on the original’s legacy.

Super Snow Dog

Chemdog is a famous hybrid that has been around since the 1990s when many of the cannabis strains we all know and love today were first being discovered, bred, worked, and proliferated.

When it comes to historical cannabis strains, Chemdog — also known as “Chemdawg” — is easily one of the most influential. The original hybrid is well-known for its gassy aroma and potent effects that hit the body with a widely euphoric experience — it’s best reserved for those who have higher tolerances.

Chem d.o.g. seeds


THC: 21.51% CBD: 1.50% CBN: 0%

Flowering Indoor
9 weeks and a yield up to 800 gr/m .2 .
Good for ScrOG or LST.

Chem d.o.g. seeds

The Chemdawg strain is known for having sparkly silver buds with rust-colored pistils throughout. Tapered nugs that look like arrowheads with minimal leaves and hollow stems. The resinous calyxes seem to stack with perfect symmetry.

Chemdogs buzz is fast-acting and hard-hitting. Almost immediately it makes your eyes feel heavy the sends a warm and body-numbing rush from the top of your head down to your toes. The experience is truly relaxing and gives a prolonged couch-locking effect that’s perfect for relieving restlessness and chronic pain.

Chemdog is the original strain to evoke the heavy diesel and piney fragrance that so many connoisseurs love. The buds are skunky and spicy with a lemony rocket fuel smell that almost burns your nose. The smoke is smooth and deliciously addicting. Lots of earthiness and sour qualities can also be detected.

Aroma & Taste

Chemdawg seeds produce heavy, dense buds with extremely robust terpenes, flavours and aromas of dank kush. Chemdawg strain is a great medicinal strain.

Chemdawg is one of the definitive strains that’s helped to change the course of the global cannabis scene. So many of today’s most sought after strains can trace their origins back to Chemdawg. The actual genetic line of Chemdawg gets complicated but, it’s said to be a hybrid of Nepalese and Thai genetics that originated within the United States jam band scene during the 1990s. Since then it has been praised for its unique taste and immensely potent effects.

Chemdawg Effects

Chemdawg repeatedly tests with THC levels exceeding 25% and, some growers have reported more than 30% THC! The CBD content is low and the main terpene profile is of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and humulene. Chemdog is a hybrid that is 55% indica to 45% sativa. Because of the high THC, Chemdog is an ideal strain to use as the foundation for your future breeding projects.

Chemdawg is a strain best suited for indoor gardens but, when grown successfully Chemdawg outdoor is some of the finest tasting herb you’ll ever encounter. Indoor flowering takes about 9 weeks and delivers a healthy 28oz/m2. Chemdog is very stretchy once flowering begins and, the buds get heavy so having some dowels or a screen will help to hold up its hefty branches. Outdoor Chemdog finishes flowering in mid-October. It prefers warm and dry conditions and can yield 28oz/plant outdoors. This Chemdawg strain has a good resistance to pests thanks to the fuel like aroma of the flowers but, take care to keep the environment dry as to prevent unwanted mildew from growing.