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cheap grow lights for weed

Cheap grow lights for weed

Lastly, you can go for a small but cheap LED grow light that you’ll be able to use throughout the plant’s lifespan.


Fluorescent lights have a far wider use than just lighting office spaces and garages. These lights produce light in the blue range, which makes them ideal for supporting your weed plants in early growth and maturity.

LED Lights



#3 Sun System Grow Lights


Their price scales with their size. If you are growing your ganja in a mini grow tent like CoolGrows, you won’t make a mistake if you purchase a small LED grow light unit.

Cheap grow lights for weed

Use nutrients for growth, such as nitrogen, and if desired start training your plants to use as much space as possible.

It is generally advised to continue using cheap LEDs until you reach 250W of power, anything over this figure is not for the cheap LEDs and you should probably consider switching to a more high end LED or changing the lighting type to LEC or HPS.

A cheap 42W LED lamp emits more or less 2700 lumens. Four cheap 42W LEDs use 168W and put out 10,800 lumens. The more powerful cheap LED lamps maintain a similar wattage to lumens ratio, so you get an idea of how to choose between the bulbs on the market.

First of all, people who want to grow one or two plants for personal use fit the average profile of a person who uses cheap LEDs for marijuana. In fact, this is one of the most common uses for this type of bulb.

Cheap LEDs for seedlings

First of all, a positive point about cheap LED lamps is that you can find them everywhere: LED lamps are available in every hardware and lighting shop. However, only at Experiencia Natural will you have access to a more specific catalogue of cheap LED lamps.

The light penetration of the LEDs lamps is not very strong, so many small cheap LEDs can be more effective than a few large cheap LEDs. For example, using 4 x 40W cheap LED bulbs (160W) rather than a single 200W cheap LED bulb.

Marijuana plants love red and blue light, so basically you need to look for bulbs that are as close to this spectrum as possible. Interestingly, HPS lamps emit light that is mostly in the yellow spectrum, which means that a lot of light is wasted.

Power and Kelvin Scale

Water the plants adequately without over-watering and watch them mature. Cheap LEDs are great for the first few weeks of a crop’s life, especially for seedlings. Regardless of the light setup used later on, many experienced growers prefer to use cheap LEDs in the first few weeks, in order to get the maximum benefits from this type of lighting, saving costs and efficiency.

Plants grow quickly at this stage, so give them some space so they do not grow directly around the lamps. A good solution for smaller spaces is to train them. Techniques such as LST can help to control the plant’s height.