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chardonnay seeds

Type: Mild

Days to Harvest: 70+ Days

Origin: Unknown

Like the sound of growing peppers that have different types of wine in their name? Check out the Pinot Noir and White Zinfandel!

Want a pepper that delivers sweetness and flavor? What a pepper plant that matures early and is adaptable? Want about a pepper that tastes like Chardonnay wine? We’re not sure if the pepper really tastes like Chardonnay wine, but we do know this is one delicious sweet pepper!

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Chardonnay seeds

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Probably the best-known white grape grown today Extremely versatile in the wine-making industry, being used in the finest Burgundies and Champagne as well as in warmer regions such as Australia.

Supplied as a bare root vine grafted on S04 rootstock approximately 12" – 18" (30 – 45 cm) tall including roots.

Whilst the vine can be a little slow at first, once established it will flourish, becoming an extremely vigorous and healthy vine producing beautiful golden grapes with a gorgeous sweet flavour – also making them perfect for eating.

Chardonnay Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) comes from the Chardonnay grapes originated in Eastern France. The most abundant active compounds in chardonnay grape seed extracts are polyphenols.

Chardonnay grape seeds and polyphenols in chardonnay grape seeds may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-stress effects as well as cholesterol lowering and nootropic (enhancing cognition) effects as observed in preclinical studies. 1-5 Among grape seeds, chardonnay seeds contain the highest levels of the polyphenol epicatechin. 6 Epicatechin has been shown to be important for vascular health and maintaining healthy blood pressure. 7,8 Several studies emphasized that vascular health is positively associated with cognitive health. 9-11

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