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champa cheese seeds

Champa cheese seeds

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Top of the sixth: This is where the wheels fell off, and the strain choice here was definitely a good one, because otherwise I normally would just change the channel after this one. David Dahl singled, and Nolan Arenado hit a double, scoring Dahl. Daniel Murphy then reached on catcher’s interference. Ian Desmond went down on strikes, but Ryan McMahon doubled, scoring both Arenado and Murphy. Tony Wolters grounded out, moving McMahon to third. One wild pitch later and McMahon scored, putting the Rockies up 6 to 1.

Bottom of the third. My niece and her girlfriend show up with chicken nuggets and help me out by taking notes while I go outside to smoke so I don’t miss anything. Merrill Kelly struck out, Jarrod Dyson lined out, Ketel Marte singled, and David Peralta walked, but Adam Jones grounded out to end the inning.

Bottom of the fifth: The Diamondbacks actually scored a run. Jarrod Dyson and Ketel Marte hit back to back singles, David Peralta then ground out into a force out, with Marte out at second, but Dyson scoring a run. This would be the only run of the game, and the point where we still had brief glimmer of hope of winning this game.

Bottom of the seventh: Kevin Cron struck out, Jarrod Dyson struck out, then Ketel Marte singled, and David Peralta walked, but Adam Jones flew out., SBNation, Vox Media do not support or endorse the usage of any kind of illegal drug. If you’re going to use Cannabis, or have to use medical Cannabis, get the appropriate Medical Card for your state, or move to a state where it is legal. In addition, I highly advise anyone against consuming this much cannabis in this short of a time span. I normally never consume this amount in a day, let alone in the span of three hours.

Inning eight Purple Mr. Nice guy from Desert Bloom, and the first time I’ve tried this one. This one is as the name suggests, is very purple, with lots of orange hairs. Very pleasant effects, but not much in the way of flavor, other than a sort of weird spicy bite with a lingering funky after taste. Really relaxed my muscles in my shoulders and back more than anything.

Top of the eighth: The Rockies went down in order.