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cfl wattage for growing weed

That aside, yeah you could flower with 2 25W bulbs, but the results would suck. You can get decent results with the higher wattage CFL bulbs, if they are the correct spectrum, you have them close enough, and use reflectors on the lights and around the plants. Here’s a link to another thread where I included a video of a CFL grow that looks very decent, check out my other posts on the thread for more info and links to where you can buy. One of the 125W CFL’s I link to is equal to 1000W incandescent, and they cost like $30.

Actually a HPS lamps can come in different wattage. I’ve seen them go for around 35w, 50w, 70w, 100w. A 70w HPS lamp and ballast will run you around $50.


Anyhow, 5000K doesn’t work well for vegging, 6400-6500K is the proper color temp to get, and for flowering 3000K is also incorrect, 2700K is the one that works. See the chart below

I was gonna buy 3 45w CFLs to flower with but I figured that I’ll go with 2 70w HPS instead. I chose to go with 70w HPS because if I get another one I can have the timers set so that one is on for 12 hours and the other one is off and when the one that was on turns off the timer would turn on the other 70w HPS so it would like a laptop or 70w house hold item is running or lizard light(s) or some thing like that.

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Not to mention if you replace your CFLs every 6 months your better off buying a HPS lamp since the cost of CFLs cost $10+ for 42w+ CFLs you can buy a $50 after buying maybe 2 70w HPS lamps.

Cfl wattage for growing weed

A Note about Using CFL Lights

These lights are easily found at the store or online. You can get lower or higher wattage bulbs, but I like bulbs close to the 40w range because they produce a lot of light, but are still a small, manageable size.

You will want to stop feeding your marijuana any nutrients for the last two weeks before harvest to ensure the best tasting bud. Simply feed them plenty of water without nutrients for these last two weeks, but make sure you’re still adjusting the pH so they absorb any leftover nutrients in the coco coir.

It helps to use a high-yielding strain (Northern Lights is great because it’s high-yielding, tends to grows short, and is low odor).

This is important! Water your marijuana plants until you get at least 20% extra runoff water out the bottom.