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certified marijuana grower


Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection

Application Fees:

Medical Marijuana Producer License

Initial Application Fee: $25,000 (Non-Refundable)

Certified marijuana grower

Passion for the industry and experience growing at home are not enough to start a successful marijuana grow operation. You need a team of experienced experts, local support from your community, strong financial models, and more.

1. Planning

You need to create process requirements for breeding, cloning, trimming, drying, curing, packaging, distribution, and much more.

4. Business Operations

The good news is the industry is growing quickly across the United States, and there are many opportunities to join as a grower employee or entrepreneur.

​No; the licensee must provide required agent ID cards to anyone transporting cannabis.​

​Yes; all growers in Maryland will be subject to inspection. ​

​The Commission will rely upon the zoning and planning approval issued by the local jurisdiction. The local jurisdiction will determine whether a zoning designation that permits agricultural production included production of medical cannabis. The applicant should take steps to assure that the local jurisdiction has interpreted its zoning code to mean that an agricultural production zoning designation includes production of medical cannabis. ​

Does a “secure transportation company” require a separate license from the State of Maryland?

​Yes, as long as the premises comply with local zoning and planning codes, and are constructed and organized to maintain security, cleanliness, safety and the required inventory controls, a grower facility and a processor facility may be located on the same property.​

​Evidence that the licensed premises comply with all zoning planning requirements is required in S tage Two of the application process.​

Will growers be subject to state inspection?

​The Maryland regulations do not specify a minimum or maximum number of plants that a licensed grower must or may cultivate.​

​A resident is one who lives in Maryland.  A person may demonstrate Maryland residency by providing one or more of the following: 1) Most recent Maryland tax return; 2) Most recent Maryland property tax bill; 3) Local gas and electric bill that is no more than 4 months old; 5) Valid Maryland Driver’s license; or 6) Another record that corroborates the Maryland residency.