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A common problem for dog owners is excessive or unexplainable barking. Some dogs are a bit loud, they will bark at just about anything. While some owners have resigned themselves to having an ‘expressive’ dog, others wonder how to help stop their dog’s barking. There is something you can do about your pet’s outbursts. CBD for Barking Dogs: How To Reduce Your Dog’s Excessive Barking Cannanine™ Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg) $69.99 – $129.99 $39.99 – $99.99 The most potent and cost effective Is your dog barking excessively from fear and anxiety? CBD oil may help your pet relax and bark less. Shop Chill Paws for affordable CBD pet products now.

How to Help Stop Your Dog’s Barking

A common problem for dog owners is excessive or unexplained barking. Some dogs are a bit loud, they will bark at just about anything. While some owners have resigned themselves to having an ‘expressive’ dog, others wonder how to help stop their dog’s barking. There is something you can do about your pet’s outbursts. However, in order to to help stop your dog barking, first, you need to understand why dogs bark.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs bark to vocalize a lot of different things . Like with any other animal, there is no singular reason for barking. As such an important form of verbal communication for a dog, we have to try to understand why they’re doing it before knowing how to cut down on it.

No Single Reason

You can’t train a dog to never bark. However, you can address specific barking that is happening for one reason. To help your dog’s barking, you’ve got to learn why it is they’re barking in the first place.

Common Reasons Dogs Bark:

While the exact meaning behind a bark is going to depend on the circumstances, these are some of the major reasons why dogs bark.

  • They Want Attention – A dog can learn to bark to get what they want. Sometimes a dog barks just for some attention. They’re looking for any response to their behavior.
  • They’re Being Territorial – Dogs can get territorial; some breeds a lot more than others. If a dog feels that someone is in their territory that shouldn’t be, they will bark.
  • Fear – A dog that is frightened by something is likely to lash out. The barking isn’t to try and intimidate the threat, more to get some distance from it. They think that barking will make the threat back away.
  • Playing – Some dogs can bark a lot when they play. They mean this in a harmless way, they just think it is part of the game that you’re playing.
  • Boredom – A really under-stimulated dog can bark repeatedly. This is out of frustration, and to soothe themselves.
  • Excitement – Some dogs can bark just out of happiness. This type of bark might come in anticipation.
  • Separation Anxiety – A dog that is unhappy about being left on their own will often bark in this situation. This is similar to barking from fear.
  • Barking at Something They See Out of the Window – Some dogs like to sit by the window all day. This isn’t a problem unless they like to bark at everything that walks by.

Young Dogs Bark More and Need More Attention

A young dog’s bark has to be interpreted differently to that of a middle-aged or older dog. A young dog has not yet learned what situations a bark gets a response in. This means they’re more prone to verbal expression as they try to work out how they can interact with the world.

A Loud Reprimand Will Seem Like Joining in to Your Dog and They’ll Keep Barking

One thing to keep in mind with a dog who is barking too much is your response. Sometimes, if you yell at a dog who is barking they’ll think you’re joining in. Rather than seeing it as a reprimand, they’ll be thinking you’re agreeing with them! To them, it might seem like you’re yelling as the dog was making a pretty good point with its barking. Your reprimand to them is akin to saying ‘yeah, you’re right I’m going to bark too’.

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How to Help Stop a Dog’s Barking

In each situation where your dog excessively barks, you should be able to figure out why. Once you know why they’re barking, you can help stop a dog’s barking. These are all tried and tested methods and each a particular type of barker.

Block Their View (Territorial or Fearful barker)

This solution works well for dogs who are barking because of something they see as a threat. Blocking their view of these potential threats takes away their motivation to bark.

Provide Toys That Require Focus (Separation Anxiety or Boredom Barkers)

This solution is great for dogs that are barking because of stress or a lack of stimulation. It helps by giving the dog something else to occupy themselves with. While they’re focused on getting the treat, their mind will be off of barking.

White Noise Machine (Fearful and Territorial Barkers)

These types of barkers will often be triggered by a noise just as much as sight! A white noise machine masks these noises and helps your dog stay calm.

Pheromone Treatment, Like Plug-In Diffusers (Fear or Separation Anxiety Barkers)

This treatment for barking works a little differently, but many dog owners have found it helpful. These diffusers give off a scent that resembles calming chemicals that dogs give off. This can help them to feel calmer when stressed and less inclined to bark.

Ignore Barking (Bored or Excited Barkers)

If a dog is barking for attention, ignoring it is actually a good way to stop the behavior. If your dog is receiving plenty of stimulation but still acting out, then they need to be taught that they don’t get their way just by barking.

CBD (Anxiety or Fear Barkers)

CBD Oil works by reducing a dog’s stress and anxiety. This helps to remove the factor that is causing your dog to bark, so they can remain calm throughout the day.

CBD for Barking Dogs: How To Reduce Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

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CBD For Barking Dogs

Have you gotten complaints from your neighbors about your dog’s excessive barking? Nobody wants to be “that person/family” with the dog that everybody in the neighborhood hates. Why does your dog bark so much? How is it possible that CBD oil can help reduce your dog’s excessive barking? Here’s what you need to know.

What is CBD oil for dog barking and how does it work?

You’ve probably heard that THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana. CBD is a component of hemp that has medicinal properties without the high of THC. What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? Hemp and marijuana are different subtypes of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana contains up to 30% THC. These cousin plants can offer similar health benefits, while CBD oil made from hemp doesn’t have the downsides of THC.

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which includes receptors throughout the body whose purpose is to stabilize the inside of the body despite fluctuations in the outside world. This newly-discovered biological system affects each part of the body, which is why it’s thought that cannabis products can help with such a wide variety of problems from anxiety to inflammation.

Why do dogs bark?

There are a lot of reasons dogs bark since it’s one of the primary ways they communicate with each other and their humans. Here are a few of the most common reasons that dogs bark:

-Feeling territorial or protective. This is evident in dogs who mostly bark when somebody or something gets too close to their home or person. These dogs are barking to warn that they own this area or person and they may even attack if they feel that their territory or person are being threatened. Dogs that are being territorial will often bark louder as the threat gets closer and will look alert and even aggressive.

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-Alarm or fear. Just as you may yell when you are startled or afraid, your dog may bark to express these emotions. Most dogs who are perceived as aggressive are actually afraid or anxious and don’t have a better way of expressing those emotions.

-Boredom or loneliness. Dogs left alone for long periods of time may bark to let anybody within hearing distance know how upset they are about being alone.

-Playfulness. Sometimes dogs will bark when they are feeling playful or they see a friend they enjoy playing with. This type of barking is usually accompanied by happy body language such as a wagging tail.

-Wanting attention. Dogs will bark to let their human know that they want something such as to be fed or let outside.

-Separation anxiety. Some dogs become absolutely panicked when they are left alone. On top of barking incessantly, they may become destructive, especially around windows and doors where they are trying to escape. They may also choose to eliminate inside when left alone, even for short periods of time.

-Health problems. If none of the rest of these reasons seem to fit your dog, he may be experiencing a health problem such as canine cognitive dysfunction or deafness. If you suspect your dog’s barking is caused by a health problem, you should take him to the vet for an evaluation.

Will CBD Oil Stop My Dog From Barking?

Obviously, something like CBD oil won’t prevent a dog who’s just feeling playful from barking, but there are several causes of barking that CAN be addressed by CBD oil. In particular, anxiety and some types of aggression can be helped greatly by CBD oil. After all, many types of aggression in dogs are fueled by anxiety, and the calming qualities of CBD oil can help relieve anxiety.

The endocannabinoid system is a bridge between the body and mind, so as the CBD oil affects the endocannabinoid receptors in your dog’s body, it also helps to calm his mind. With reduced anxiety, your dog has less reason to bark excessively.

Are you ready to try CBD oil to relieve your dog’s barking related to anxiety or aggression?

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How Might CBD Reduce Your Dog’s Barking?

Love it or hate it, barking is the form of communication that all dogs share . As dog owners, we may love hearing the sound of our furry companion’s voice, or we may get irritated because our dog tends to bark throughout the day when we’re trying to concentrate.

Regardless, in many cases, a dog barking is normal. But sometimes, a dog may bark excessively due to uneasiness, aggression, or plain old curiosity. If you have a dog who tends to bark more than your ears can handle, there may be hope thanks to CBD .

What it Means When a Dog Barks

A dog’s bark is their form of verbal communication. Dogs, like many mammals, rely more on physical communication than we do, and their body language can show a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and reactions. But dogs are fairly vocal compared to other mammals as well, and their barks are evidence of that.

Dogs may bark for various reasons:

  • When they see another dog.
  • When they have a need that isn’t being met.
  • When they’re feeling anxious.
  • When something just sparks their curiosity.

Some breeds are more prone to barking than others, and some breeds bark very rarely. Knowing your breed’s habits can help you determine what they’re trying to express when they’re barking, and whether or not their excessive barking is normal.

When Barking May Be an Issue

Dogs have unique personalities, just like us. Therefore, in the same way that some of us are just chattier than others, the same applies to dogs. If you have a dog who just likes to vocalize, then you’ve probably figured out that this is a personality quirk rather than a problem.

But, sometimes, excessive barking can indicate something deeper that’s going on. For example, dogs tend to bark when they’re stressed out. Therefore, a dog who is barking constantly may be trying to communicate to you that a situation in their environment is a constant source of stress. Similarly, relentless barking can indicate some form of physical pain that they want you to pay attention to.

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One way to determine whether or not your pup’s barking is normal is to ask yourself when the barking became excessive. If your dog has always been very vocal, then you may have nothing to worry about. But, if your dog has only recently started barking a lot more than usual, then this may mean that there’s been a recent change in their life that requires your attention.

How Excessive Barking is Usually Treated and Managed

If you have a feeling that your dog’s barking is abnormal, then you should bring them to a veterinarian to see if there is anything going on with their health that could indicate some sort of issue. You should also be able to explain to them any other possible symptoms that may be occurring which may be related to the barking, to help narrow things down.

Barking in of itself isn’t a condition, and so the vet will not seek to make the barking stop. Rather, they will try to address the underlying cause of the barking, whether it’s related to a change in their routine such as a new dog who lives next door, or a condition like anxiety that causes your dog to be constantly hypervigilant, resulting in more barking than what’s considered normal.

Using CBD for Excessive Barking: Can it Help?

Cannabidiol is the leading compound in the hemp plant, which is the non-psychoactive member of the cannabis genus. CBD is also a cannabinoid, which means that it has the unique ability to provide a regulatory effect on every bodily system via cannabinoid receptors found in every organ and tissue. When cannabinoids bind to these receptors, bodily processes become regulated in a way that can promote equilibrium throughout the body. [ Source ]

What that means in terms of your dog’s barking is that CBD may be able to calm the part of the brain that is overactive, which is causing your canine to bark excessively. CBD has widely been studied for its calming effects on the brain which derive from its ability to control the amount of cortisol that is released. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for activating the stress response, and dogs may bark more when they are experiencing stress.

Giving Your Dog CBD to Reduce Barking

If you would like to give your dog CBD for their barking, it’s imperative that you first speak with your veterinarian. Your dog’s vet will consider their medical history, current symptoms, and possible medications that they are taking to determine whether or not CBD is right for them. From there, they can attempt to help you come up with a routine that’s the most likely to be effective.

It’s important that you only purchase a CBD product made for dogs. Besides the fact that many CBD products that are safe for humans contain ingredients that can be toxic to dogs, our pets’ smaller bodies mean that lower milligram strengths are appropriate. Companies that make dog-friendly CBD products offer guides on how much CBD to give them based on their body weight.

We know that CBD is the most useful when it’s administered daily, so try to be consistent with their hemp routine. Also, make sure that you choose a product that appeals to them so that giving it to them is as easy as possible.

Final Dog Barking Thoughts

If your dog’s barking is becoming something of an issue, you might want to look into giving them CBD. Of course, before you do, make sure that you speak to your vet, and find a formula that’s suitable for them. At Chill Paws, we offer a wide array of dog-friendly hemp-based products.

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