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2022-09-10 Full Spectrum Cbd cbd facial oil amway And where to buy cbd tincture Low Price.

Ao Zhan, cbd facial oil amway what do Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway you mean Opening the eyes of the gods is a where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd blessing to Zhou Ye.

At full spectrum v broad spectrum cbd the same time, the dragon that the cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil ancient emperor s sword transformed into flew by his side, sometimes as fast as electricity, sometimes cbd facial oil amway as fierce as thunder, sometimes as erratic as the wind, sometimes as light as a cloud, cbd facial oil amway imaginative, antelope hanging horns, elusive indefinite.

Boom But just as this Qi Jin was about to hit Zhou Ye, Zhou Ye took the lead, and the open eyes between his eyebrows shone with a burst of light, destroying the dead and the rot, and he was like a cbd facial oil amway broken bamboo, Pfft The thin paper, which collapsed at the touch, turned into powder.

Presumptuous cbd facial oil amway Hearing this, Tian Sha Demon General was so angry that he was about to explode.

it can cbd gummies sioux falls sd really create a miracle However, Ye Fan has already been recognized by the Dragon Stone of Destiny.

Being reminded by Yan Qingsi, Donghuang Aotian quickly looked inside his meridians and found that cbd facial oil amway his qi and blood were surging up, and the meridians had already suffered a lot of damage.

You Donghuang Aotian was so furious that he was about to explode with anger.

This was a great insult to him. The jcs cbd oil the best play on words for it foundation is over there.

The more powerful cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil Martial Emperor Treasure was Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway able to exist, cbd facial oil amway but it was also greatly traumatized.

Ancient Emperor Sword Although the power of the Ancient Emperor Sword was suppressed within the enchantment, Zhou Ye couldn t take care of it so much in order to be able to accept the blessing of the divine tablet smoothly.

, old man, how powerful do you really think you are Now I have powers that you can t imagine, and I can see the level of your power at a glance.

This kid is stalling for time, smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway but it where to buy royal cbd oil in alabama s useless, give him some pressure Yes Tu Gang stood up and shouted in Ye Fan s direction Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway Ye Fan, you are procrastinating, but it s useless, hurry up, otherwise you will admit that you are a waste, don t waste the time of the Holy Son.

Your Highness Princess, this is not a joke, don t be impulsive Just as Princess Nishang where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd was Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway about to use the jade body she just obtained to assist Ye Fan, the old prince held her back.

Boom, boom, boom The powerful sword power and Heaven investing in cbd oil stocks and Earth Tribulation Cloud cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil bombarded cbd oil tinctures gummy together, and the burst of energy made the entire God Burial Mountain fall into shock.

The light of where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd Shangqing, the light of Yuqing, the light of Taiqing Qi Linglong raised her eyebrows in anger, and instantly released three holy lights.

Yes, the medicine of immortality is unprecedented, and it is the most magical medicine in the heavens and the world.

Hey, you haven t come over to do your best, smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway and you want to see us die in the hands of the demons, are you happy said the old man of the Dayin Dynasty.

Ye Fan looked up at the goddess again, her whole body exuded divine aura, and where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd there was no dead aura at all.

Ye Fan, you really did it Because of the excitement, there were even tears in Princess Nishang cbd facial oil amway s beautiful eyes.

That s right Ye Fan suddenly thought of something and said, Tu Gang, you swore to Daoxin before that as long as I get the approval of this Destiny Dragon Stone, I will kneel down and apologize Now, honor you Promise Stinky boy, you don t cbd facial oil amway have to make an inch hash oil people also search for Tu Gang roared angrily.

Boom, boom, boom The spear s brilliance continued to Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway break through the barriers ahead, but it finally stopped.

The next moment, where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd an cbd facial oil amway incredible scene happened in the arena Whoosh A shadow body sh n came out and stood in front of Qi Hong, as if to protect him from the catastrophe.

Boom, boom, boom The power of the move dissipated instantly cbd facial oil amway mct oil tincture in the collision with the catastrophe, smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway and it was impossible to stop the coming of the catastrophe.

An emperor like this would neither be happy with things nor be sad about himself, and would not affect his mood because of this kind of thing.

For a time, everyone was shocked. If what the Heavenly Demon General said is true, then the entire Big Dipper galaxy will lead to unprecedented catastrophe.

I have a sword that can slay gods and immortals, and destroy the heavens and the earth Ye Fan s voice resounded Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway through the sky, shaking the universe.

The sword is the human being, the human being transformed into the cbd facial oil amway sky, cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil the constant in harmony with the way of heaven and the constant in human feelings.

Day after day, year after year, it will always be an inhuman training

Only the most amazing and brilliant Tianjiao will be attracted.

Little girl, if you use this forbidden technique, cbd facial oil amway I smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway m afraid you cbd facial oil amway will also pay the price with your life Why don t I let you go and only eat that human kid, how about it smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway Splitting Tiansi took a step back.

The stele of God has already been born, you Tianjiao, have you recovered Ao Zhan asked.

God Stele Sweeping Thousands of Armies Ye Fan was like a rainbow, holding the God Stele tightly with both hands and waving it violently.

According to his how to figure out how much cbd oil to use sublingual for adhd talent, Qi Linglong does not seem to be under Qi Hong.

Nan Yutian, is the purchase of industrial hemp cbd oil for personal use legal in ohio you have too many questions, but I don t have the need to answer you What I want Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway to tell you is that your supernatural powers are vulnerable in front of her, nothing What did you say Nan Yutian was furious.

Linglong, you should give up, I don t want to see you die Ye Fan couldn t help but persuade.

Boom Silent Sword World erupted instantly.

It turned out to be here Zhenwuyin At this moment, Ye Fan made a bet, running Beichen Qijian and Yunhai Jiuyin at the same time, which was a huge cbd facial oil amway burden on his body, but cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil how could he be a person who easily admits defeat He wants to try, to break through himself.

Keng Keng Keng Endless swords, lights, swords and shadows flicker in the sky.

Do I have to sit back how much cbd oil should i take for ibs each day and watch I can t do it.

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The surging masculinity burst out from his body, and immediately filled the entire ancient battlefield.

It seems that you can cbd facial oil amway slaughter the gods and kill the immortals.

This is why Qi Linglong Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway used the Emperor Wu s where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd decree.

She felt Qin Xuance s defeat. Humph Even if no one believes that I can win, I will fight against the sky This is Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway me This is the prince of the Great Xia Dynasty Qin Xuance cbd facial oil amway Even if you lose, even if you die , I want this What Does Cbd Do where to buy cbd tincture name to resound through the Big Dipper Qin Xuance s roar cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil resounded throughout the ancient battlefield.

At the same time, his opponent, Qi Hong, the first day arrogant of the Big Dipper Galaxy, also came towards him.

Don t worship, go back His Royal Highness, you are

The strong cbd facial oil amway inner strength in the body, let alone invincible in the same realm, even if he is against a genius who has crossed the seventh level of calamity like Tu Gang, .

he can instantly kill him at will.

Boy, what did What Does Cbd Do where to buy cbd tincture you do Tu Gang exclaimed. He couldn t imagine how his super attack of crossing the seventh level of calamity, or the existence of Liu Yun Tianhuo, cbd facial oil amway was easily resolved by Ye Fan.

and immediately followed Tu Gang s words and went down.

Humph I won t admit defeat. My eldest brother cbd facial oil amway Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil took advantage of the opportunity brought by his life.

The Great Wilderness Shenhuo Devour Ye Fan s spirit moved, and he merged with the Great Wilderness Shenhuo, strongly suppressing the Yan Huo in front of him.

Damn, what kind of power is this, I can t move The person locked by the eyes of cbd facial oil amway the gods, smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway not only can be cbd hemp oil and psoriasis seen through, but What Does Cbd Do where to buy cbd tincture also the body functions must be controlled.

And Yan Qingsi s beautiful eyes cbd facial oil amway flashed with a strange look

Not only did Ye Fan accept the challenge, but he was constantly provoking Zhou Ye.

However, these three major cbd facial oil amway disciples, each using supernatural powers and secret techniques, slaughtered the Quartet and were invincible.

Clang clang clang cbd facial oil amway clang After a few breaths, the knife and gun collided thousands of times in the air, sparks scattered

The picture just now, as if the sun and moon above the nine heavens have lost their color, will always be engraved in the depths of their souls, cbd facial oil amway and they will not be forgotten even after thousands of years.

Who gave you the guts The old prince also shouted angrily, with a loud noise.

After all, Ye Fan is cbd facial oil amway not an ordinary genius, where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd who once killed the Son of God.

Damn it Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway Suddenly, a cliff appeared in front of Ye Fan.

This is ridiculous There was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, but he was already very cautious in his heart.

In an instant, a powerful light was released from Ancestral Emperor hemp gummies with cbd Mirror, and everything around was covered up.

Everyone, the Mozu invasion is targeting the entire Big Dipper galaxy But cbd facial oil amway what kind of grievances did you have before Now, we must cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil put aside our previous hatred cbd facial oil amway and where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd cbd facial oil amway unite Ao Zhan stood on the high platform and shouted to everyone.

Ye Fan, don t worry, I will where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd The old lord nodded slightly, seeing that Da Xia produced such a super genius who could fight against the existence of the demon general, the old lord cbd facial oil amway felt that this life was worth it.

All methods are broken if I cut it At the most critical time, Ye Fan used the forbidden move of Yunhai Xianmen again.

As soon as the emperor blamed her, even her master could not keep her.

Humph This is only the semi finals, the real finals cbd facial oil amway haven t started yet Shang Bin muttered angrily.

Ye Fan, no cbd facial oil amway cbd facial oil amway matter what you choose, I will support you Although Princess Nishang did Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway not express her attitude clearly, this response made Ye Fan even more heart warming, because this kind cbd facial oil amway Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway of response is equivalent to handing over her own destiny to Ye Fan Fan, this is the greatest where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd trust in him.

stinky brat, you can cbd facial oil amway t save anyone, now I m going to slaughter them, right in front of you Suddenly, a manic where to buy cbd tincture laughter appeared in the sky.

Yes, what Senior Ao Zhan said is right, now our opponent is the demon general, only by defeating him can it be possible to stop the invasion of the demons The old man of the Dayin Dynasty hurriedly said, cbd facial oil amway at this moment, he did not have time to take care of him either.

Hearing those remarks, his heart suddenly What Does Cbd Do where to buy cbd tincture burst into anger.

Really, this reason is a bit interesting.

Ah With a scream, the old man was severely injured.

Even from a long distance, many geniuses in the field could feel the sharp sword light, Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway causing their exposed skin to ache for a while.

Swish, swoosh, swoosh Chuck, snort, snort Li Feng s figure became more and more elusive.

Hmph, if you didn t have to Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway target Da Xia and Ye Fan, how could we end up in such a field, it s abominable Everyone was injured by Ye Fan, their anger could not be released, they could only vent on cbd facial oil amway the old man.

Enlightenment Flower and cbd facial oil amway Immortal Peach are peerless treasures, let alone two together, even if any of them are the same, they are things that ordinary monks, even Tianjiao, can t see chronic confections gummies review in his life, and Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway he got them all.

This is not just a championship battle, but a trial for him to practice.

Now, he actually called this woman the imperial sister.

After all, he is a true immortal who has crossed the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, and is extremely powerful.

If he doesn t take advantage of today s ri to kill Ye Fan in front of him, then in the future, he may become the biggest enemy of Taiyi Holy Land.

He knew very well that no matter how powerful Ye Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway Fan was, even if he sacrificed the Immortal cbd facial oil amway Venerable Sacred Artifact, he would not trunature cbd gummies be able to break cbd facial oil amway the Great Sealing Technique.

How could this be Is this my blessing Qin Xuance didn t dare to think too much.

If Qi Hong was reborn, It means that he has survived the calamity, achieved the triple tribulation realm, and his strength has grown by leaps and bounds.

Gao Yuan gritted his teeth and let out a roar from the depths of his Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway throat.

Not Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway good Suddenly, Elder Wei shouted loudly.

Okay Yan Qingsi nodded

Swish, swish, swish gummies made with tincture Thousands of feminine sword qi burst out from the Lingfeng Sword, like spider silk, overwhelming the sky and covering the blade of light.

You, give it to me Qi Hong said through gritted does thyme market sell cbd oil teeth.

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What do you think Ye Fan responded with a smile.

Tu Gang, don t blame me for not reminding you, even if you can t hold on any longer, I m still fine Ye Fan snorted and responded this time.

What Donghuang Aotian opened his spiritual eyes and looked at the heights at the same time, and he saw a shadow walking down, and it where to buy cbd tincture Hemp Based Cbd cbd facial oil amway was Ye Fan who looked like that.

An invisible energy wave enveloped Qi Linglong s body.

Many cultivators never thought that Zhou Ye would be so ruthless In fact, although Ye best edibles for pain and anxiety Fan s breath is close to nothingness, he has not really died after all.

As soon as this cbd gummies true or false booklet appeared, it emitted a dazzling light, like a heavenly stone.

From a distance, the princess of the gods had a flawless and pretty face, more Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway A bit of blush, as if she really came back to life.

From the top of the peak, Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway his body continued to roll downwards at an extremely fast speed, and every time he rolled, he received a strong blow from the cloud of calamity, which was a punishment Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway for him angering the heavens.

But Ye Fan cbd facial oil amway relied on the domineering of the sky and he still came over.

But the first blow was easily dodged, and Ye Fan didn t seem to use cbd facial oil amway any force, just moved precisely, which made his face plummet.

If he didn t go, a war would be inevitable.

But Ye Fan, it cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil seems even easier than before, this is too weird.

However, it was really frivolous for him to cbd facial oil amway say this in public.

Fan didn t know what to say for a while. Before in the turbulent flow of Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway time and space, the two of them sucked the blood essence of Split Sky Si, and once, they had a love of fish and water.

I was greatly Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway traumatized on the battlefield before, but now I can move freely, which should be the credit of this monument Yes, my injury is almost recovered, and I cbd oil terre haute even feel myself.

Boom, boom, boom With the burst of powerful psionic energy, all these resentful souls dissipated.

However, Yan Qingsi was indifferent and did not react at all.

Ye Fan, there are a lot of treasures in this Devouring Nebula.

What The opponent s speed reached this level, completely beyond Ye Fan s expectations.

A generation of Tianjiao and Divine Wind Crown Princes have fallen.

After all, the relationship between the two had reached that point.

It s the arrogant girl of the sky, she is a peerless figure This cbd facial oil amway is Ye Fan s admiration from the bottom of his Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway heart.

Chi, chi, chi Ah With a scream, someone was hit by a sword.

His Royal Highness, I don t mean this, it s all your guess, and Ye Fan is targeting me, everyone has seen it.

This was simply fatal. Moreover, he had already used such a slash before, Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway and he had consumed a lot of internal energy.

Hearing these words, cbd facial oil amway Ye Fan was calm on the surface, but in his heart, he was very grateful to cbd facial oil amway Huang Linger, after all, she had given her a treasure that boosted her motivation before.

Old lord, how much do you know about the cemetery of the gods Hey

Completely condensed by the power of creation of the true immortal.

It s too beautiful This kind of momentum is not lost to men at all.

He stood in the center .

how do you know the strength of cbd oil

of the ancient battlefield, standing cbd facial oil amway proudly and arrogantly.

It is cbd facial oil amway rumored Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway that as long as the immortal medicine is taken, even the supreme immortal can be resurrected.

After all, Huang Ling er cbd facial oil amway is the most powerful genius of the ancient Huang Dynasty, and she has also survived the catastrophe.

He stood there blankly, with Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway a very complicated expression on his face.

His life and death are unknown kosher gummy worms now, how could it affect the monument How smart Qi Linglong is, Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway she has already seen it, Zhou Ye will not take a break if he doesn t kill Ye Fan today, so any words that are unfavorable to Ye Fan, he is to cause public anger.

I might as well tell you that using the great supernatural power can a job fire you for using cbd oil in pennsylvania of King s Landing, you can make this seat have the emperor s luck.

an ben txt Read Yue, Wonderful reading When the Nine Tribulations Cbd For Sale cbd facial oil amway Phoenix Song came out, the audience was shocked.

Moreover, Prince Qin Xuance was also blessed by the monument.

Withered Donghuang cbd facial oil amway Aotian frowned, cbds message board a powerful momentum slammed into Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd facial oil amway the surroundings, and countless rocks fell from the stone cbd facial oil amway wall, representing that he was extremely angry at the moment.

She just wanted cbd facial oil amway to use her inner strength to forcefully expel the blood colored mist, but she soon discovered that under the action of these blood colored mists, her body was recovering rapidly, dozens of times faster than before.

Zhou Ye, you re talking too much cbd oil california company nonsense.

The Daxia Dynasty, after all, was only a flash in the pan Ao Zhan shook his head, until now , In the does cbd oil help arthritis pain Wanlong cbd facial oil amway Dynasty where he belongs, no one has been blessed by the divine monument so far, which is a huge blow to them.

Tu Gang s where to buy global green cbd oil eyes were full of unwillingness, but he couldn t say a complete sentence.

Since this is the cbd facial oil amway Boiling Over Concentrated Cbd Oil case, I might smokymountainsk8way.com cbd facial oil amway as well showdown and take the initiative Ye Fan, alas, you are still too young.

At this cbd facial oil amway moment, Ye Fan felt that his comprehension ability surpassed his own limitations, and seemed to merge into the universe, which was the most amazing thing.

At this moment, Qi Linglong is no longer ruthless when he was chasing and killing him, but has a little more tenderness and tenderness that belongs to a peerless beauty.

At this moment, Ye Fan became the cbd facial oil amway protagonist again, and all eyes were on him.

where to buy cbd tincture At this moment, Qi Hong opened his cbd facial oil amway eyes, like stars in the sky.

CBD Facial Oil Amway

Sunflower does not need a big intro as you probably use it in the kitchen as cooking oil, or you munch on the seeds as a healthy snack or you adore its big, beautiful yellow flower during the summer – or you do all of these and probably even more. And by even more we mean putting it all over your face as sunflower oil is one of the most commonly used plant oils in skincare.

It’s a real oldie: expressed directly from the seeds, the oil is used not for hundreds but thousands of years. According to The National Sunflower Association, there is evidence that both the plant and its oil were used by American Indians in the area of Arizona and New Mexico about 3000 BC. Do the math: it’s more than 5000 years – definitely an oldie.

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Our intro did get pretty big after all (sorry for that), so let’s get to the point finally: sunflower oil – similar to other plant oils – is a great emollient that makes the skin smooth and nice and helps to keep it hydrated. It also protects the surface of the skin and enhances the damaged or irritated skin barrier. Leslie Bauman notes in Cosmetic Dermatology that one application of sunflower oil significantly speeds up the recovery of the skin barrier within an hour and sustains the results 5 hours after using it.

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It’s also loaded with fatty acids (mostly linoleic (50-74%) and oleic (14-35%)). The unrefined version (be sure to use that on your skin!) is especially high in linoleic acid that is great even for acne-prone skin. Its comedogen index is 0, meaning that it’s pretty much an all skin-type oil.

Truth be told, there are many great plant oils and sunflower oil is definitely one of them.

Also-called: Olive Fruit Oil | What-it-does: antioxidant, emollient, perfuming | Irritancy: 0 | Comedogenicity: 0-2

You probably know olive oil from the kitchen as a great and healthy option for salad dressing but it’s also a great and healthy option to moisturize and nourish the skin, especially if it’s on the dry side.

Similar to other emollient plant oils, it’s loaded with nourishing fatty acids: oleic is the main component (55-83%), and also contains linoleic (3.5-20%) and palmitic acids (7-20%). It also contains antioxidant polyphenols, tocopherols (types of vitamin E) and carotenoids and it’s one of the best plant sources of skin-identical emollient, Squalene.

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Overall, a great option for dry skin but less so for acne-prone or damaged skin.

A goodie plant oil coming from the polyphenol-rich seeds of the grape. It’s a light emollient oil that makes your skin feel smooth and nice and also contains a bunch of good-for-the-skin stuff. It’s a great source of antioxidant polyphenols, barrier repair fatty acid linoleic acid (about 55-77%, while oleic acid is about 12-27%) and antioxidant, skin-protectant vitamin E.

If you have an interest in elephants and Africa, you have probably heard of elephants getting drunk from the fruit of the Marula tree. Though this seems to be only a legend, what is true is that the Marula fruit is really nice (and elephants do love to eat it) and there is a stone in it with several oil-rich kernels inside.

So the Marula oil – similar to many other plant oils – is a really nice nourishing and moisturizing oil that can improve skin hydration and smoothness and it can even reduce skin redness. It’s traditionally used in South Africa to massage babies with and as a body lotion for face, feet, and hands.

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As for its composition, it’s loaded with skin goodies: it’s very rich in fatty acids, including oleic (73%), palmitic (15%), and linoleic (9%) acids. It also contains some natural antioxidants, including Vitamin E and the oil shows an outstanding oxidative stability.

If you have dry skin that needs some pampering, Marula oil is a good choice.

We don’t have description for this ingredient yet.

When it comes to cosmetic oils and hype, argan oil is for sure leading the way. Dubbed as the “liquid gold of Morocco“, we have to admit we have some trouble determining why this oil enjoys such a special miracle status. Not that it’s not good, it is good, even great but reading the research about argan and a bunch of other plant oils we just do not see the big, unique differentiating factor (though that might be our fault not reading enough, obvs.)

So, argan oil comes from the kernel of the argan fruit that comes from the argan tree that grows only in Morocco. The tree is slow growing and getting the oil is a hard job. The traditional process is that the ripe argan fruits fall from the tree, then goats eat them up and poop out the seeds. The seeds are collected and smashed with a stone to get the kernels inside. This part is the hard one as the seeds have extremely hard shells. Once the kernels are obtained, the oil is pressed out from them (the kernels contain about 50% oil).

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As for skincare, argan oil is loaded with lots of skin goodies (but so are many other plant oils): it contains 80% nourishing and moisturizing unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic (38-50%), linoleic (28-38%) and palmitic (10-18%). It also contains a relatively large amount of antioxidant vitamin E (600-900 mg/kg, about twice as much as olive), small amounts of antioxidant phenols (including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and epicatechin), as well as some rare sterols with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanks to all the above goodness in argan oil, it can greatly nourish and moisturize the skin and hair. It’s also claimed to be able to neutralize collagen-damaging free radicals, help reduce scars, and revitalize and improve skin elasticity. You can even read that argan might help acne-prone skin, but being a high oleic oil, we would be careful with that.

All in all, argan oil is a real goodie but we do not fully understand the special miracle status it enjoys.

Also-called: Lavender Essential Oil;Lavandula Angustifolia Oil | What-it-does: antimicrobial/antibacterial, perfuming

We have to start by writing how fascinated we are by the amazing lavender fields of Provance and we do love pretty much everything about lavender: its look, its color, its scent. but, when it comes to skincare, lavender is a questionable ingredient that you probably do not want in your skincare products.

First, let us start with the pros: it has a lovely scent, so no wonder that it is popular as a fragrance ingredient in natural products wanting to be free from synthetic fragrances but still wanting to smell nice. The scent of lavender is famous for having calming and relaxing properties and some smallish scientific studies do support that. Inhaled volatile compounds seem to have a soothing effect on the central nervous system and studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy can improve patient’s anxiety and experience in hospitals.

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Another pro is that lavender oil has some nice antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also has some local pain relieving and muscle relaxing magical powers. Lavender oil is also often claimed to have anti-inflammatory properties. We have found a study confirming this but it was the essential oil of the leaves and not the much more commonly used flowers and the two differ in their main chemical compounds very much. (The main components of the flower essential oil are linalyl acetate and linalool [around 80% the two together] while it is 1,8-Cineole [around 65%] in the essential oil of the leaves.)

Now, let us look at the cons: similar to a bunch of other essential oils, the main components of lavender oil are potentially irritating fragrant components. The two main components are linalyl acetate (about 50%) and linalool (about 35%) and both autoxidise on exposure to the air forming strong contact allergens. To make things even worse, lavender oil seems to be cytotoxic from concentrations as low as 0.25% (concentration up to 0.125% were ok).

There is also an often cited Japanese study that made patch tests with lavender oil for 9 years and found a huge increase in lavender oil sensitivity in 1997 (from 1.1% in 1990 to 8.7% in 1997 and 13.9% in 1998). This was the year when using dried lavender flowers in pillows, wardrobes, and elsewhere became fashionable in Japan, so it seems that increased exposure to lavender results in increased risk of sensitivity.

Overall, it makes us sad to write bad things about such a lovely plant, but when it comes to skincare, you will be better off without lavender.

Camellia Oleifera is a type of green tea plant that’s mostly known for the oil that comes from its seeds. As for the leaves, it has similar properties as the better known and more often used Camellia Sinensis leaves. You can read all the geeky details about green tea and why it’s awesome by clicking here, but in short, it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory magic properties.

We don’t have description for this ingredient yet.

Also-called: Cucumber Fruit Extract;Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract | What-it-does: soothing, emollient

Cucumber is a nice, non-irritating plant extract that’s known for it’s soothing and emollient properties. It’s not something new to put it on our face: even Cleopatra used it to “preserve her skin”.

It’s commonly believed that cucumber is the answer to puffy eyes, but there is no research confirming this. What research does confirm is that it contains amino acids and organic acids that’s helpful for the skin’s acid mantle. There is also an enzyme (called shikimate dehydrigenase) in the pulp that’s shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

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