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carolina seeds

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Update: plants all turned out to be Thai pepper None of the seeds that I received were Carolina Reapers. The plants look to be some sort of Jalapeno or Bell pepper plants. The leaves are long and pointy and are flat with no wrinkles. The leaves of a Carolina Reaper are more of a smaller rounded and wrinkly leaf. I included a picture of one of the plants that I grew from these seeds and it is labeled as “Actually looks like” and then I included a picture of actual Reaper plants and labeled that picture as “Should look like”

I received my seeds within days. I planted approximately 50 in egg cartons using miracle grow. I placed them in a window which gets couple hours of Sun daily and in 6 days my first 2 plants were born. I am going to dry them, grind them up and put powder in a salt shaker to be used for cooking..

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got about 130 seeds, some were cracked but still well more than 100 viable seeds. i planted all of them, but unfortunately my heating mat controller malfunctioned in the first week of planting and the soil was at 103* for a whole night and probably cooked most of them, but so far i have 10 sprouts and one or two more tend to pop every couple days so im already pretty happy with that.

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Seeds look good , remember to start early with the northern areas that get frosts in September.

Seeds are a great value for the price. I planted Hot Pepper Seeds before and most varieties produce late in the growing season and Must be Started indoors by Late January in Order to have seedlings to transplant and produce a crop with the Growing season in the Northern US. Siince Our Growing Season here is 120 days in Zone 4 with no threat of Frost and warm enough temperatures for Peppers to produce a crop, Starting in doors is needed and the Earlier you do it the better. I dont see a crop of Hot Peppers to begin picking until late August to Earlier September which is the way of the Game in my area. The Seeds sold here look great and Im anxious to see the viable seedlings i get from these seeds.

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Carolina seeds

Author: Tony Freeman
25 Jul 2014, 10:19
Superb customer service and product support, with rapid delivery and good prices.

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Fast delivery and well packaged. 19 of the seeds managed to germinate, and have all went on to produce chilli's.

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A note, the seed that took longest was on a paper towel on a reptile mat, inside a plastic Chinese food tub.


The fastest seed was in a hydroponic grow tub, if that helps anyone!

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