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carl sagan seeds

Carl sagan seeds

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Carl Sagan specifications

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About Carl Sagan seeds

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Carl Sagan seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Carl Sagan seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Carl sagan seeds

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Carl sagan seeds

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In a now famous footnote to this paragraph Sagan formulates his hypothesis on how a marijuana high could affect thinking:

Men of the Earth have known the power of cannabis for centuries. Mr. Hearst made it part of the American Game and his rule was one of the more successful business/social manipulations of modern time. To bad they were never able to completely control, and in effect, set up the Legislation that is now sweeping the People of the States. The right to decide on cannabis is now a national issue. God Speed Free People of the World.

Sagan was famous – or, for many of his academic colleagues, infamous – for making brilliant but daring speculations – not only in his field of astronomy, but also in other scientific fields. As his biographer Keay Davidson remarks, Sagan for instance wrongly predicted the existence of complex organic molecules on the moon; but, Davidson adds, “(a)s it turned out later, complex organic molecules pervade much of the outer solar system and beyond.” [4]

Evaluating Sagan’s hypothesis

According to McGilchrist, the left and the right hemisphere are in a constant battle for control. In order to help us to survive, we and other animals need two conflicting systems of attention. He explains this point with the example of birds: to pick up seeds for food, a bird needs to narrowly focus on the seeds on the ground to motor control and coordinate food intake (left hemisphere function); but in order to survive, the bird has to get distracted by a predator like a fox or a falcon in the fringe of its perception.

[1] Carl Sagan, „Mr. X“, in: Lester Grinspoon (1971), „Marijuana Reconsidered“, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachussetts, p. 123 – 130. Sagan’s essay was published anonymously, Grinspoon revealed the identity of his author only years after Sagan’s untimely death.

In other words, a high seems to cause a strong selective focus on whatever we attend to. According to McGilchrist, however, focussed attention is not a cognitive function performed primarily in the right hemisphere. Quite on the contrary, he summarizes the current research as saying that “(…) the right hemisphere is responsible for every type of attention except focused attention.” [12]

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“Marijuana is often described as improving our appreciation of and abilities in music, dance, art, pattern and sign recognition and our sensitivity to nonverbal communication. To the best of my knowledge, it is never reported as improving our ability to read and comprehend Ludwig Wittgenstein or Immanuel Kant; to calculate the stresses of bridges; or to compute Laplace transformation. (…) I wonder if, rather than enhancing anything, the cannabinols (the active ingredient in marijuana) simply suppress the left hemisphere and permit the stars to come out. This may also be the objective of the meditative states of many Oriental regions.” [6]

Taken to its limit, perhaps the lack of Cannabis in the daily regimen of U.S. leaders is why there is such a lack of positive leadership?