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caramelo seeds

Caramelo seeds

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Medicinal value Medium

Efect Energetic, very durable


Resistance to plagues Medium

Irrigation tolerancy Medium

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Delicious Seeds in its effort to give its most successful varieties some special characteristics, has created Caramelo Early Version, a fast flowering version of its appreciated Caramelo.

From a spectacular selection of the best individuals of Lavender’s Indian and Sativa phenotype, (Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani x Hawaiian) comes this plant of exceptional characteristics. A variety of great genetic diversity, as it is a hybrid of Hawaiian, Afghan, Colombian and Mexican descent.

Caramelo Early Version (Delicious Seeds)

Caramelo is a plant with characteristics of sativa, mainly. At first it may look like an indica hybrid, but its growth potential and size show the influence of sativa in its genes. It gives excellent results in the SCROG crop, as it reacts quickly to pruning and creates a large network of secondary branches. Outdoors we should give it an adequate size so that it can flower abundantly. If we want medium sized plants, we can germinate it later to reduce vegetative growth, which in this variety is very vigorous.

It gives off a very floral aroma, with notes of musk, lavender and liquorice. When the buds are undone the aroma becomes very intense, and spicy floral aromas predominate. It has a penetrating and sweet taste, nutmeg type with a skunk background.