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cannabis seeds canada

Cannabis seeds canada

Make life easy for yourself.

There’s a real sense of community!

7. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds – Best Online Seed Bank for Indoor Seed Strains

You can really buy with confidence.

2. Seedsman – Best Strain Variety Seed Bank

The better seed between autoflower and feminized seeds depends on the preference of the grower.

Cannabis seeds canada

And yes, most Canadian seed banks ship to the US, don’t fret.

Top 14 Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks

And, as any connoisseur would appreciate, the quality of feminized seeds is just better.

Should I buy autoflower or feminized seeds?

For legal reasons, some stores state they only ship marijuana seeds for research purposes, not for cultivating marijuana plants. Some stores may even limit countries they ship to, or will explicitly say they don’t ship marijuana seeds where they’re still illegal.