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cannabis seed germination temperature

Cannabis seed germination temperature

You don’t have to plant germinated seeds too deep in the soil, or whatever growing medium you choose. 0.5” – 1” below the surface is plenty. Point the white root downwards into the earth to ensure the seedling is ideally oriented.

For the first few days, use a spray bottle to water the seeds, because adding too much water can drown them. It is worth investing in a pH meter to test the soil regularly and make sure it has enough moisture. If all goes well, the seed should sprout from the earth within a week. If it hasn’t sprouted within ten days, it will probably die.

Are Your Seeds Good or Bad?

This is as simple as option #3. It involves nothing more than placing the seeds in a glass of lukewarm water overnight. It is a good idea if you’re using old and hard seeds. The soaking process can breathe new life into them. When you place the seeds in water, they float for a few hours before sinking to the bottom.

5 – A Germination Station

If you use a transparent container such as glass, you get to see the white taproot break out! You shouldn’t leave seeds soaking in water for more than 32 hours. Otherwise, seeds that haven’t sprouted yet will drown. If the seeds haven’t germinated by the 32-hour mark, put them in a warm and moist place to complete the process. You should probably use the paper towel method at this point.

Cannabis seed germination temperature

Step 1: Soak four sheets of paper towel in distilled water. The sheets should be soaked, but not dripping wet.

While it may sound like it makes sense, germinating directly in soil generally results in failure to germinate. This is especially true if the grow medium was not previously watered before the seed was planted, but was watered afterwards. Not only does planting directly in the soil run the risk of the seed being planted too deep, but also that it may get drowned with too much water. Germinating seeds in paper towel is ideal and makes it much easier to manage.

Temperature and Humidity

It is vital to keep the germinating seeds within this optimal range for the best results. Lower temperature or humidity may result in a slower, less successful germination process and higher temperature or humidity can result in fungus or rot.

Germinating Directly in the Soil

As practice makes perfect, many growers have found lots of ways how to not germinate cannabis seeds. To ensure new growers don’t make the same mistakes, here are the most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds: