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cannabis growing tips and tricks

Cannabis growing tips and tricks

Have you done everything possible, yet the buds you harvest are nothing to write home about? The pH of the moisture in your growing medium may be the silent culprit denying you a rich harvest.

Do you see how applying advice blindly can lead you down a dark alley? Learn to question all advice you receive, and only apply it after cross checking and confirming that it holds true in your situation.

Choosing the correct medium can make or break your cannabis crops by determining how much or how little a yield your plants give.

After harvesting, take the time to dry those buds in a dark, well-ventilated location. Hang them upside down when drying them. You will know that they have dried if the stems snap rather than bend when you manipulate them.

Take Pictures and Write Detailed Notes

Avoid Common Mistakes

What mistake should I avoid when growing Marijuana?
One of the biggest mistakes most people make while growing marijuana is lighting. Lighting exposed to marijuana plants is usually dependent on the growth stage. The vegetative stage requires much sunlight-18-22 hours of sunlight per day. However, the flowering stage doesn’t require this much sunlight therefore should be reduced to 12 hours per day. This is where most growers especially beginners go wrong and end up ruining their plants.

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Airflow, Airflow, and More Airflow!

First and foremost, don’t harvest too early or too late. So, how do you know when is the right time to harvest? The clue lies on your buds.

Another one of a few crucial cannabis growing tips concerns fertilizers. When your plants reach the growing stage, cut back on the nutrients. Again, this might seem contrary to what you have been brought up to believe about plant cultivation. After all, shouldn’t more nutrients be a better thing?

Cannabis growing tips and tricks

It’s important to catch pests, infestations and molds early and act immediately. Powdery mildew on foliage surfaces and insect secretions can be seen at night with a green headlight or a UVB light. Mildew and poop appear to glow under a UVB light on plant leaves..Take a look!

Green Light

So, with that all said, knowing a little about insurance, I like to prepare many identical labels and place them in the containers, on the sides of the containers, under the containers, and tied to the plants(especially when the plants are in beds this method) to assure no possible mix up of strains.

Label Everything

Depending on whether the plants are in pots or in beds, there may be a variance with this method. Even with natural preventive maintenance sprays such as Neem oil to combat predators, and with amazing permanent color markers available today, the strain names eventually fade away if one doesn’t pay close attention.

Cannabis growing tips and tricks

Don’t let indoor plants grow naturally with just one main bud

4.) Know the Best Time to Flip to 12/12

Plant yo-yos hold up heavy buds

9.) Cheap but Helpful Tools

Supercropping is a specific technique that lets you bend branches that normally would break if you tried to fold them over