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cannabis growing supplies uk

Set-up properly, optimise your indoor garden and enjoy hydroponics success!

Established in 2017, THC Hydroponics supplies all the hydroponic equipment, grow systems & nutrients for crops to achieve their full potential.

Our friendly, experienced hydroponics experts will advise you about all aspects of indoor hydroponic gardening – grow lighting, nutrients, temperature, heating, humidity, ventilation and more.

Hydroponics is a fun way to grow healthy and high-yielding plants in a liquid nutrient solution – with or without using soil.

Why should you choose THC Hydroponics?

No matter how much experience or know-how you have, our online hydro shop UK team are always on hand to help.

For more professional advice and information, get in touch or call 01926 511151 – we’re happy to advise anyone who loves hydroponics and indoor gardening!

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Cannabis growing supplies uk

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