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cannabis growing supplies south africa

Cannabis growing supplies south africa

Original White Widow Genetics White Widow Auto Fem R120.00 Incl Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings Add to cart Genetics – Brazilin Landrace Sativa x South Indian Indica White Widow is one of the worlds most iconic strains. This specific version has deep rooted genetics from the Original mother plant of the.

What do you get when you cross OG Kush with OG Kush? you get a flippen legend!

Lets fight back There are few things more destructive and downright annoying than pests on your plants. They can disrupt the growth of your plant, inhibit its growth, make the buds unsmokeable or even kill the plant itself. That is why you need to ensure that you have the proper.

White Widow – Strain Review

The dreaded bill We have all been there. You set up your first indoor grow. You got a bunch of big LED, a few fans, and some quality genetics. Everything is going great, and you are on your way to your first crop. Then that little white envelope.

Why grow with a tunnel? The decision to start growing is an easy one! The hard part is deciding how you are going to grow. You could grow indoors, for a nice controlled environment, or outdoors to take advantage of the natural sun. To get a little bit of benefit.

Do-Si-Dos – Strain Review

A Calming Cup of Tea This is our strain review of CBD Skunk Haze by the Dutch Passion Seed Company. Which is a perfect example of the advancement the marijuana industry has made. For so many years marijuana was illegal and you would buy from some dodgy street character.

Top 5 strains that help with insomnia.

Cannabis growing supplies south africa

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Explore a curated selection of nutrient solutions and amendments for growing cannabis and enhancing your grow medium, from reputable suppliers in South Africa.


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