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cannabis grow tents for sale

Cannabis grow tents for sale

The TopoLite has windows and metal corners. If you want to save a bit of money, the TopoGrow is a slightly cheaper version, without the windows and with plastic connecting corners, instead of metal ones. It is also 2 inches shorter. Apart from that, they’re basically the same.

Vivosun is another budget Chinese brand, but also one that stands above most of the rest of them. We’ve recommended their HID grow lights on this site and their tents get a similar recommendation: they are not anywhere near as good as top brands, but they are far better than the majority of budget brands.

The drop in quality from the previous model above to the Secret Jardin Dark Room 600 Wide is considerable. But so is the drop in price and this is still a high quality tent, that is much better made than any of the Chinese branded tents below.

Ultra Yield: 10′ (L) x 10′ (D) x 7′ (H)

We give you a few options below: both reliable budget brands and the best big tents overall, if you have a larger budget to work with.

There are several openings for ventilation, plus numerous ports for ducting and cables: two oval 13 inch ports, eight round 11 inch ports and six round 3 inch ports. It also comes with a removable spill-proof floor tray to make cleanup as easy as possible.

The roof is made of special infrared blocking material, to ensure no heat signature. A heavy-duty spill tray, a tool pouch and bug-resistant pre-filters are also included.

TopoLite: 10′ (L) x 10′ (D) x 6’10” (H)

So why use a grow tent at all?

Most brands focus on small and medium-sized grow tents, because there is a much higher demand for those.

Are you a hobbyist who wants to grow one to five ounces of cannabis or hemp at home? Do you own a small-scale business requiring a convenient space to cultivate your crops? Then grow tents are the best accessories for you.

The grow tents also ensures the best quality of your harvest. They prevent bugs from infesting your vegetation and make an environment that’s inhabitable for other plant pests. The tents also keep the cannabis or hemp clean by preventing dust and other impurities from coming in.

Whether you are an expert grower or a beginner in cannabis cultivation, there’s a grow tent that will suit your type of production. These spaces vary in sizes and some even have extensions to give more room for the crops and increase your monthly yield significantly.