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cannabis grow rooms videos

Whether it is for your HVAC, office equipment, security cameras, or other appliances, we can place electrical outlets wherever you need them.

Starrco manufactures premium commercial grow rooms for medical and recreational cannabis cultivation. Our indoor grow rooms are manufactured and installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction methods.

Typical options for our commercial grow room setups include:

Our freestanding cannabis grow rooms are revolutionary because they give you the flexibility to quickly respond to the rising demand for cannabis products, or evolving regulations. When you can react quickly to market fluctuations, your commercial cannabis operation has a competitive advantage.

What is the difference between cleanrooms and grow rooms?

We use high-grade, non-corrosive components suitable for high-humidity growing conditions and offer a range of non-flaking, mold-resistant wall finishes to minimize the risk of crop contamination.

Electrical supply lines are routed through raceways in the aluminum stud system. Our modular electrical system is pre-engineered to snap together for speed and flexibility. It is color-coded for safety.

It usually takes a crew of two installers around half a day to install an average 12-foot square room. Whatever the complexity and size of your building, we have consistently seen Starrco buildings completed in 25 percent of the time it would take to build a similar structure using conventional methods.

Commercial Grow Rooms for Cannabis

Our solutions are built to meet your needs and your timeline. Find out how Starrco can support your upcoming project with fast, versatile, and solid solutions.

Each modular building is manufactured at our St. Louis, MO factory using accelerated production processes. The finished parts of the modular grow room are shipped to your facility for installation.

Cannabis grow rooms videos

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