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cannabis grow rooms pictures

Controlling temperature in your indoor grow room or cannabis garden can be achieved by manipulating these factors:

You will definitely want to invest in a timer for your lights. Because the amount of light a plant receives dictates its vegetative or flowering stage, it’s important to give it a consistent amount of light every day, and that’s done with a timer. It’s a good idea to check your timer at least once a week to make sure it’s working properly.

You can make this yourself by combining worm castings, bat guano, and other components with a good soil and letting it sit for a few weeks, or it can be purchased pre-made from a local nursery or grow shop.

Regulating Humidity

This is easily achieved by placing an exhaust fan near the top of the space to suck out warm air—warm air rises—and adding a port or passive fan on the opposite side of the space near the floor to bring in cool air. A complete air exchange throughout the entire grow space should occur once every minute or so.

Cannabis, like all plants, prefers certain environmental conditions in order to thrive. Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and airflow are all factors that will need to be monitored and regulated in order to keep cannabis healthy through its different phases.


The flowering stage will always take about eight weeks—some strains take seven, some nine, some even more, it depends on the strain.

There are many different media to choose from, including good ol’ fashioned pots full of soil, rockwool cubes, a hydroponic tray, and more.

Cannabis grow rooms pictures

Here are some suggestions for timing your pics so you don’t have to deal with the yellow light of an HPS.

“Apollo” HPS glasses are waaaay cheaper than Method 7, and 90% as good! If you want glasses to look at your plants under HPS grow lights but don’t want to put down a lot of money, get these!

Here’s the same pic after I activated the “Tungsten” setting on my camera. In my case, it was in the menu under “Light Levels,” but it often appears in different places on different camera models.

For example if you have a white piece of paper in the picture, you can use that as the correct “white.” In the above pic the tub on the right is gray, so I know I can use at as my “gray” reference. The net pots are black in real life, so I use them as my new “black.”

How do growers take nice, beautiful clear pictures of their cannabis plants during the flowering stage with the HPS light on? What special camera settings do they use? Is there a best way to use the flash? Do people use special HPS-corrector lenses? Or do most growers just fix their pictures in Photoshop?

If it doesn’t look good, click undo and try again on other parts of the picture. A lot of pics with distorted colors can be fixed up this way!

This is what my garden looks like through Method 7’s HPS Glasses (look below for a cheaper almost-as-good alternative if you get sticker shock from the price)

2.) Best Option! Use Specialized Lenses Made Specifically to Correct Light from an HPS for Natural Color Pictures

Cannabis grow rooms pictures

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